How Much is an iPod Touch (Best Offers)

The iPod is a portable media player from Apple that first line was released on October 23, 2001. There are three current versions of the iPod, iPod Shuffle, the compact iPod Nano and the touchscreen iPod Touch.

The fifth generation iPod touch comes with front and back cameras, 1080p video recording, iOS 6, and a 4-inch Retina Display, etc.

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How much is an iPod Touch? How much you want to spend to buy an iPod Touch? Here are the best offers for you.

1. From Apple Store

This is the best option to buy an iPod Touch. You can choose an iPod Touch color from Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Yellow, Blue, and Red.

The 16GB capacity available for $199, 32GB version for $249, and 64GB for $299. You will get iPod touch, iPod touch loop (sold separately for 16GB model), Apple EarPods, and Lightning to USB Cable with the package.

2. From Amazon

Are you a fan of Amazon? Lets buy Apple iPod touch 32GB Space Gray (5th Generation) for $258, Apple iPod touch 16GB Black/Silver (Model A1509) for $194.

3. From Best Buy

Buy iPod Touch from Best Buy. Best Buy solds Apple – iPod touch 16GB MP3 Player (5th Generation – Latest Model) – Pink, Blue, Yellow, Space Gray for $199.99, Apple – iPod touch® 64GB MP3 Player (5th Generation – Latest Model) for $299.99. Apple – iPod touch® 32GB MP3 Player (5th Generation – Latest Model) – Space Gray for $224.99.

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