6 Best Psychology Apps Worth to Try

Psychology is an industry where Psychologists doing research, counseling, etc. But the latest smartphone technology revolution offers some interesting supplemental resources that allow the users to know control over their own psychological health.

Today we have to list 6 Best Psychology Apps worth to try. You can use these apps as just a supplemental resource just for reading. Here we go.

1. PsychGuide

PsychGuide comes first on our list. PsychGuide is a free app that helps you quickly locate the information you need to get you through your studies in this amazing field. If you are a Psychology student, this app can help you with your study, assignments, reports, essays etc.

2. PsycExplorer

PsycExplorer is another Psychology app that helps you to keep up-to-date on the latest news, blog posts, videos and tweets in the field of psychology. PsycExplorer is a $3.99 app requires iOS 6.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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3. Psychology Spotlight

Psychology Spotlight is a free must-have app for all Psychologists. The app gives you the latest information on key psychology conferences and latest conference tweets, latest abstracts for psychology articles and books, including the ability to ‘follow’ your favorite publications, and gives access to the latest posts from key psychology blogs.

Psychology Spotlight is a really useful app for readers who need to get the latest updated related to Psychological developments in the field.

4. Popular Psychology

The Popular Psychology app is a magazine that will give you tips to improve your life. Popular Psychology app is like a mentor that gives tips for a better life, love and happiness, jobs and finance, self development, etc.

This app is designed for both iPhone, iPad, and free to use.

5. GRE Psychology

GRE Psychology is a subject test app that comes with over 1,200 flashcards covering the most useful concepts and influential psychologists tested on the GRE Psychology subject test.

GRE Psychology is a former paid app can now be demo’ed for FREE before buying.

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6. AP Psychology Prep

AP Psychology Prep comes last in our list. AP Psychology is similar to GRE Psychology comes with over 1,000 flashcards covering the most useful concepts and influential psychologists studied in AP Psychology courses.

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