17 Best Alternatives to Facebook to Try in 2015

Facebook is the largest social networking platform, there millions are engaged together. Facebook is handling more than 1.2 Billion users data’s.

Facebook is managing millions of status updates, millions of images, videos, personal chats, everyday. Facebook is not the only social networking site that existing to connect with others.

That’s why today we are listing 17 best alternatives to Facebook to try in 2015.

1. Twitter.com – Micro-blogging platform for easy communication. You can communicate with celebrities too with the help of Twitter.

2. Pinterest.com – The trending photo sharing social networking platform.

3. LinkedIn.com – Worlds largest Technology+ Social platform.

4. Google Plus – The social networking platform from the search engine giant Google.

5. YouTube.com – Worlds greatest video sharing community.

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6. GoodReads.com – Share book recommendation with your friends.

7. Branch.com – Connect friends similar with your interest.

8. FourSquare.com – Worlds largest location basesdsocial sharing platform.

9. Flickr.com – The Facebook of photo sharing. Millions of users connecting together.

10. Instagram.com – Worlds biggest photo and quick video sharing platform.

11. SoundCloud.com – Worlds largest online audio distribution platform.

12. Tumblr.com – Used as Micro-blogging and social networking platform owned by Yahoo.com. hosts over 150 million blogs.

13. Keek.com – Share quick videos up to 35 second lengths with your friends.

14. Pheed.com – Emerging social networking platform that have the capability to compete with social giants like Twitter, Facebook etc. You have the option to run live broadcasts.

15. Medium.com – A collaborative publishing tool launched by Twitter founders Evan Williams and Biz Stone.

16. Fancy.com – Discover and collect amazing stuffs you love.

17. Solaborate.com – A social collaboration platform for technology professionals.

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