How to View Hidden Photos of anyone on Facebook?

How to view hidden photos of anyone on Facebook? It’s possible with a Google Chrome extension. Yes with PictureMate extension.

The app is able to change the privacy settings of someone else’s photo.


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How it’s working? If someone tags you on a photo and you can make it go away by selecting “hide from my timeline”. Actually, it prevents people from viewing the photo within your timeline; it doesn’t actually remove or block the photo in any way.

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If the photo privacy setting was public anyone could have found it anyway.

So how to fix that?

I’m sure this is a serious issue for a lot of Facebook users. The only way to really hide your hidden photos from this tool is by untagging yourself. This removes the tag, which will prevent photos from appearing on your timeline.

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If you untagged yourself from a photo no one can find those images with any tools.

PictureMate is not an official Facebook app.

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