7 Best Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Note taking apps really helps Article Writers, Bloggers to remember points while getting ideas for their next works. By taking notes, the writer records the essence of the information.

Today we are listing 7 best note taking apps for your iPhone and iPad.

1. Evernote

For iOS or for Android Evernote is still the best note taking app. Might me you won’t need any more explanations about Evernote. Evernote has attractive apps on Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.

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Users can take notes can be a piece of formatted text, a full webpage or webpage excerpt, a photograph, a voice memo, or a handwritten “ink” note. Evernote is favorite for more than 65 Million users. Evernote free feature limited monthly uploads of 60 MB maximum.


2. OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is the best Note Taking app if you are looking for an Evernote alternative. To get started to use OneNote you need a Microsoft account. You can do almost do everything on OneNote what you are doing with your Evernote app. OneNote has free apps for PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Download OneNote for iPad, Download OneNote for iPhone

3. Simplenote

Simplenote is a note taking app like the name ‘Simple’.Simplenote is an easy way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more. You just need to create an account on Simplenote to use the service. This allows your notes to be backed up online and synchronized automatically. The application works for the iPhone, iPad, Android and on the Web.


4. TurboNote for Google Keep

TurboNote for Google Keep lets you access Google’s note taking app Google Keep on iOS. TurboNote for Google Keep is the first and the best app that supports new Google Keep in App Store.


5. Awesome Note

Awesome Note is best for take Notes, Calendar, To-do list, Diary, Reminder, Anniversary reminder, Shopping list etc. You can attach photos, map or drawing on note that created in Awesome Note. One of the best feature on Awesome Note is that you can Sync and Transfer your notes to Google Drive and Evernote.


6. Vesper

Vesper is a tool for collecting notes, ideas, things to do etc. Like any note taking apps you can attach images on your notes and can Keep notes backed up with Vesper Sync.


7. Note by SwiftKey

Note is developed by the popular keyboard app developer team TouchType Ltd created the Swift Keyboard. Note is a simple and superb streamlined note-taking app giving users the fastest way to take notes on an iPhone and iPad.

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Note app gives fast and accurate predictions, and makes it easy to add text notes to Evernote. You just need to connect with Evernote to teach Note’s autocorrect and predictions  how you write based on your archive.

Note supports typing in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.


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