30+ Tips To Increase Twitter Followers Everyday

The influence of Social Media is having a great impact on Business these days. The marketing features available in the Social Media helps business reach a large number of customers and audience. This in itself helps to boost the sales and promote a product globally at virtually no cost. The services offered by Twitter helps promote business to a great extent. Here are some tips to help the businessmen to keep in mind and make the utmost use of Twitter for Business.

Key Tips to Gain Targeted Followers On Twitter.

Gaining targeted followers is not easy. It take long time and patience to build a follower base that is really interested in your business. Many followers on twitter are not genuinely interested in following businesses unless they really like gain some targeted follower in your niche.

1. Follow People Who May be Interested in Your Business

This may sound obvious, however doing it may not be very easy since you can not possibly follow all people on twitter. You need to be mindful and carefully do it. Twitter disallow follow after a certain limit (typically around 2k in recent past). You may buy twitter followers from site like BillionFollowers and continue on your targeted followers goal.

2. Favoriting Tweets To Gain Followers

When one marks “favorite” on others tweet, they will get a notification of this and because you have accepted their profile, they are likely to follow you. This is a very common and recently popular method to gain good followings. This is easier to do since there are not many limitations on number of favorites you can add or remove. So if you reach few hundred just clean up your favorites and you will be good to go again.

3. Use Right Keywords In Profile

While defining the business, one will know the essential keywords to be used while writing the Twitter description. Use Google KeywordPlanner for the best keywords for your business.

4. Use Tools Like Twellow for Like Minded people

Twellow is a tool which is used to find people in the same field to connect themselves on Twitter. Usage of Hashtags and Keywords helps to identify the people in same industry.

5. Hashtag Researching

An exclusive Twitter feature that a person needs to learn is the methods of using hashtag. The “#” symbol prior to a keyword coins a hashtag enable the keyword to be searched and monitored.

6. Sharing Twitter Account on Social Media

There may be a possibility where the customers like one’s Facebook page but who are not connected with the person on Twitter. Make sure to gain customers by sharing your Twitter profile on Facebook.

7. Make List of People you are interested in

Creating lists allows one to fine tune accounts so one can drown out the constant noise on Twitter & listen to what is essential to the business.

8. Collaborate with influencers

You need to find the right people who are influencing in your business domain. Engage and Collaborate with them often. The influencer are often trend setter on twitter and a small positive mention about your business by them may have really good long term benefit. Key Tips to Establish Your Brand On Twitter

9. Main Purpose

While creating a Twitter account, one should have a goal set in the mind. The aim could be to hike sales or find customers. Once decided he/she know the area in which concentration is needed.

10. Focus on Passion

If a person is running a business, it will definitely be in an area in which he/she is interested. Hence, he/she will have to communicate to the customers out there. Install twitter apps on your phone and get going with day to day communication with customers and partners.

11. Defining the Brand

This is an essential sector of the Online Marketing Policy and lack of a structured or branded business, one can never earn followers nor attain the purpose of marketing in the Social Media.

12. Basics

One should be familiar with the basics of Twitter in order to promote the business. The practices include, tweeting, following a profile and the art of gaining more retweets are the basic and essential actions to perform in Twitter.

13. Profile Image & Header

For a person to really sell the brand on Twitter, one needs to create an attractive profile with appropriate image and a suitable header. The profile picture must be the logo of the brand and the header should depict the brand of the business.

14. Two Ears, One Mouth Rule

One has to listen and research before speaking. It is better to observe twice the scenario as much as tweeting, by this way one can maintain the followers and keep them engaged and share only relevant news.

15. Social Media Scheduling

Using the Hootsuite tool will allow one to schedule tweets when you are not able to perform in real time.

16. Original Tweets

Creating original and fresh tweets boosts the business.

17. Curate Unique Content

One needs original content, it is also great to share unique content. This will help the content creator to see you have shared their information.

18. Facts & Statistics

One must make sure to share facts and statistics which will make the audience interested in doing business.

19. Multiple Content

When tweeting on Twitter, the tweets will reach only a part of the audience. By posting the same tweet each day, at various time frames will get increased click rate.

20. Graphical Content

Just posting tweets will not keep the audience engaged. One must make sure to share videos and images.

21. Direct Message Feature

The direct message feature allows one to have a private communication with another account.

22. Other Social Media sites to promote Tweets

Sharing the Twitter content with the audience on other Social Media sites by “re-posting” the tweets on Facebook and LinkedIn, when deemed necessary. One can also embed tweets to blogs.

23. Using Klout to measure the Social Media Score

Though it may not be trustworthy, Klout can be used to measure the social media score and is a great way to see if the online profile is placed where you would like it to be.

24. Self-Trumpeting

Self-Trumpeting is seriously off-charts in Social Media Business. One should avoid it.

25. Use shortened links

Rather than using full blown lengthy URLs. Bit.ly is better for this.

26. Tell them a bit about you

What are you up to? What’s news? Your choice about how much personal information you feel comfortable to share. You’ve got to find a voice that feels right for you.

27. “Curate” good content

Share posts and articles of others that one expects that his/her readers will find informative or support your approach.

28. Engage

Talk to people directly by using the format “@theirname”. You’ll be amazed by the prevalence of relationships you can create here.

29. Ask questions

You can learn a lot from your followers (we’ve studied loads!). It’s incredible how encouraging and helpful this platform can be.

30. Include a link to your website or blog.

This is essential if you want to be trusted on Twitter.

31. Recommend others you rate and say why

Twitter is a trusted referral engine and a great platform for Social Media Business. Recommend it to suppliers, clients, commentators, friends, other Tweeters.

32. Organize the connections

This will make it much easier for you as your Twitter connections build, and enables you to check into conversation on a particular subject.

33. Show up regularly

It doesn’t have to be every day (although that helps). Consistency is all. Check what people are saying about you often and timely reply helps the Social Media Business.

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