10 Best Travel Apps for iPhone

Traveling anywhere raises anxiety and creates unwanted stress. We worry about things like packing, booking the flight, getting hotel reservations, traffic and even what we will do once we reach our destination.

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, the process should not leave you tired and anxious. Luckily, we have the opportunity to have several tools right in the palm of our hand to help us make our travel experience more enjoyable. Our phones have become the hub of our existence.
They are a calendar, our gps, they link us to social media, help us pay bills on the go and they also allow us to stay in contact with work and home no matter where we are in the world. So it’s no surprise that we now have a multitude of apps that can help put your mind at ease helping you stay sane and safe throughout your travels. Today we have to list 10 Best Travel Apps for iPhone.

1. Google Translate

One app that is essential when traveling abroad is Google Translate. For the overseas traveler, this app could be a life saver. It’s able to translate 80 languages, which will definitely give you peace of mind when you don’t speak the language of the county you are visiting. This app allows you to translate not only writing but speech as well. It also gives you the option to listen to the translation aloud. You can also keep track of favorites for referencing later offline.


2. TripIt

Another app that has become a fast favorite for travelers is TripIt. This app will help you stay organized from the beginning to the end of your trip. You simply forward the confirmation emails for flights, hotels and even rental cars and the app will automatically create a personalized itinerary. The app will even remind you about check in times and give you up to date information on your flight status. Keeping all your crucial information in one place will surely make traveling anywhere seem-less and worry free.


3. XE Currency Converter

The next app will take the guess work out of currency exchanges as you travel from country to country. XE Currency Converter converts every world currency. You are able to see multiple currencies at a time and it works even when offline. This app is extremely user friendly and free to download. For the world traveler, who needs up to date currency exchanges, this is an app that will make your life a lot easier.


4. Packing Pro

A common thread among travelers is worrying about whether or not we will remember to pack everything we need for our trip. Packing Pro is helping to make the process of preparing for a trip hassle free. We often leave the house running through lists in our head trying to check off everything just hoping that we didn’t forget something essential. Packing Pro takes the burden of packing and simplifies it by creating personalized packing lists. You can even save lists for use later and edit them as well.


5. Skyscanner

Finding cheap flights is another important part of traveling. No one wants to pay higher prices for flights when there are cheaper flights available. Skyscanner allows you to easily search for flights and compare several airlines at once so that you can get the best price available. This app is easy to navigate and offers instant access to cheap flights.


6. GasBuddy

If you enjoy traveling by car, then Gasbuddy is a nice app to have. This app allows you to see where the nearest gas stations are located so you never have to worry about running out of gas on those long road trips. As an added bonus, it also lists the gas prices at each location to help you save money while filling up.

7. Google Maps

Google Maps is an app that offers accurate maps for 220 countries and territories. You can utilize the voice guided gps, which will give you turn by turn directions and even reroute you if necessary to take you the best way possible. Google Maps also has live traffic reporting to keep you up to date on current road conditions.


8. Uber

A fairly new app, that is changing the way we travel, is Uber. For anyone who dreads trying to flag down a taxi, this app is what you have been waiting for. Uber offers instant transportation in 40 counties. Just open up the app to schedule your pick up location and destination and within moments a car will arrive. You can use either Pay Pal or a credit card to pay so there is no need to worry if you don’t have cash on hand. You will simply be billed at the end of your ride.


9. AroundMe

When you are on the road in an unfamiliar place and need to find the nearest restaurants, bars, hospitals, gas stations and much more,Around Me is a convenient app to have. This app offers a quick and easy way to get instant information on your current location. Not only will it find what you are looking for, it will also provide maps to your destination.


10. World Lens

An app that has so much potential to make your life easier when traveling is World Lens. This app uses the camera lens right on your phone to instantly translate printed words into your native language. Unlike other translators this one does not require you to speak or write the words that needs translating. The best part about this app is that it also functions offline. The possibilities for this app are endless.


Before you take off on your next vacation or journey around the world, be sure to take a moment and download these essential apps before you leave. Whether you are a novice traveler, or spend your life exploring the world, these apps will help you navigate through numerous situations that you may encounter along the way. So wherever your travels might take you, near or far, you can enjoy the experience knowing that you have all the tools you will need to take the stress out of your trip and simply enjoy the adventure that awaits.

About Author – This article was witten by Andy G. He is 28, from Brno Czech Republic, and runs a flight help website called www.travelsiders.com as a hobby. At the moment, he works as a free lance web developer. When he has a free minute, he is hanging out with his friends or helping others at Stack Overflow.

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