How to Turn off Private Browsing on iPhone

If you would like to stay private on internet, the internet and the device should allow you. Understanding how to enable and disable private browsing on your mobile is necessary that gives you control over how you’re tracked on the internet.

That is your choice, turn on private browsing or turn off private browsing. If browsing mode is enabled, you can any websites on your iPad without any record of these visits.
How-to-Turn-off Private-Browsing-on-iPhone
iPhone, the term makes a smartphone lover happy. Most smartphone lovers would like to have this gadget in his pocket. How to turn off Private Browsing on iPhone?

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1. Tap the “Safari” icon on the iPhone.

2. While Private Browsing is on, Safari appears black or dark instead of white or gray.

3. Tap Private to turn private browsing off.

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