iPhone 6S Release Date

iPhone, the term makes a smartphone lover happy. Most smartphone lovers would like to have this gadget in his pocket. Apple has released iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus with the latest technologies recently.

Now it’s the time for the next Gadget, it’s iPhone 6S.
iphone-6-458150_640 (1)
According to the latest reports Apple may release iPhone 6S in coming September. Inquisitr.com reports that The Vodafone email carried information on the pre-launch, pre-order, and launch period for Apple’s iPhone 6s, and it claimed the pre-order period would commence on September 18, with the next-gen iPhone officially releasing on September 25.

According to familiar reports including BusinessInsider, iPhone 6S might comes with 16 GB of storage. Also the device will comes with better back and front cameras.

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