How to Make Money with a Blog

The best way to make money on-line with your very own blog is to bring on advertisers who will pay you to use the space of your blog. So here i list some points which will answer your question how to make money from your blog.

There are certain things which counts for your blog to earn money , these are as follows :
1. Traffic Matters : The only thing which the advertisers are worried about are the number of people visiting your blog. If you don’t have organic traffic for your blog or the number of people visiting your blogs is only a few hundred per day then you might not earn anything.The best way to get traffic is to do guest posts on various other blogs which gives you a follow back link.

2. Join an Ad Network : Make your blog eligible and join and as network for free .Google ad sense is the best Ad network , There are various ways to earn money from your blog from a variety of Networks .The details are listed here : Make Money Online.

3. Make it Easier for Advertisers to contact you : Make a Contact Me page on your blog and give your professional email id and may be your mobile number so that people can easily contact you for your website or blog and give money for the space they want to use and can bargain straight away. by showing your ad to your customers. The advertisers would determine that based on the perceived desirability of your blog.

4. How you will get paid : Most Networks have very easy methods to pay you money namely PayPal and Direct Bank Transfers , So this point means that you just have to have a legitimate Bank account and a PayPal account , so that the publishers can easily transfer you the money , You can limit your disbursement amounts to your choice.

5. Don’t go with only one advertiser : This makes you independent and its always good to have options in your hand.The Best is to use 2 Ad Networks one for example Ad sense and other one like Info links which is in text advertising.This is the best combination known so far.

To Conclude I can only say that the concentrate on your blog traffic , Have widgets like Google plus and Face book like button , Have a face book page and Group.Keep on Advertising your great content on social media including twitter and try to have some ordaining traffic.This is the best way you can get regular traffic for your blog and you can earn money from your blog.

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