Best Slow Motion Camera Apps

Making a slow motion video is not a hard task now. You can create and upload slow motion videos to popular social networks like YouTube, Instagram and get hundreds of likes.

All thing you need is a best slow motion camera app. Today we have to list best slow motion camera apps for Android and iOS.
Slow Motion Camera Apps

1. Slow Motion Camera Free

Slow Motion Camera Free comes first into our list. The $1.99 app is now available for free now. I don’t know it’s just for a limited time or not. Yes “BUY NOW BEFORE THE PRICE GOES UP!”
Slow motion camera free is easy to use. You can easily capture amazing quality videos with the app or just import any video from your camera roll. You can determine when the slow motion effect starts and when it ends, just need to select between different speeds.

2. Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX lets you choose the speed of the output movie. It’s simple and comes with all basic things. You can record your speech and make it slow or make your speech fast. You’ll sound really strange.

3. SloPro – 1000fps Slow Motion Video

Considered as one of the best slow motion apps on Apple store. You can shoot edit, and share videos in beautifully smooth slow motion without the hassle of transferring files.

There is a super slow option available can work on 500fps and 1000fps can now be simulated using optical flow. You can learn everything about how to use the app in app tutorials.

4. SlowCam

SlowCam comes next into our list. You just need to tap and hold slow motion button during recording to capture video at 60/120 FPS* for ultra smooth slow motion capture. You can record next video even when the previous is being rendered.

5. Controlled Capture Pro

Controlled Capture Pro comes last and final on the list. Controlled Capture not only makes it easy to capture time-lapse sequenced images automatically and also slow motion videos, it also helps you to capture normal pictures and videos.

In the Video Capture Mode, you can record Slow Motion, or Slo-Mo videos, and regular videos. Controlled Capture Pro is a paid app worth $2.99.

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