One Click and Find big Gmail Emails to Get your Space back

Hi guys. Today we are looking a quick tip regarding Gmail. Actually its a question from one of my reader. His question is How to Find big Gmail Emails quickly if we are running out of space.

All you know that Google gives only 15 GB of free storage, that could easily run out of space if you are a heavy Google Drive user. The only way to survive to this is find and delete unwanted email that’s eating your space.

Its really easy to find a particular sized file on Gmail. For example if you searched on Gmail size:1000000, that will brings messages greater than 1MB and Search for Gmail attachments greater than 5MB – size:5000000.

But here i’m giving a one click solution that help you to find big Gmail Emails to delete them and to get your space back. Here we go.

1. Go to Find Big Mail

2. Click on the start button on the site.

3. Allow the Gmail Access

You are giving permission to the app is Know who you are on Google, View your email address and View and modify but not delete your email.

4. You will be emailed a scan report when complete (unless your mailbox is overfull) or see the report on the site.

Here is the report i received.

You have 74188 messages in 36772 threads. You should find three FindBigMail labels in your account.

The FindBigMail Top 20 label was attached to your largest 20 emails; between 4MB and17MB each, the Top 20 together consume 151MB.

The FindBigMail >10MB label is attached to 4 messages; 0 by this scan.

The FindBigMail > 5MB label is applied to 14 messages; 0 by this scan.

You need to click on the links to find emails with big attachments.


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