How to Recover Deleted files from Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage service available on the web. Google Drive comes with a 15 GB free storage space for all users that can used to save photos, videos, documents, etc.

Google Drive is a collaborative tool, you can easily share files and folders with others, also set files or folders so anyone with a link can view, comment, or edit.

Recover Deleted files from Google Drive

If you accidentally deleted a file from your Google Drive. What can you do? How to recover files from Google Drive? Here are the initial questions for you before proceed any actions.

  1. Have you checked the “All Items” and “Trash” categories on the left pane under “More”?
  2. Do you have Google Drive Sync Client installed on the computer itself?
  3. Has anything (files and folders) been deleted from either the Drive Web or the Drive folder on your computer?
  4. Are any of the folders shared with someone else? Any files shared?

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Talk to a Google Drive Specialist

Yes, Google Drive specialist is ready to assist you. At the top of this page, touch or click Contact us. To recover a file with the help of a Google Drive specialist, you should be the owner of the file or if you created or uploaded the file in your Google Drive account or if you accepted ownership from someone else.

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