Leo Privacy Guard Review: Secure your Android Phone and iPhone Easily

In the era of iPhones and smartphones, when almost all details of one’s life are recorded and can be accessed from such devices, it is extremely important to have a privacy protector or guard. Having this type of secure protection would ensure that your phone stays safe from prying eyes and bothersome snoopers.

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are reviewing Leo Privacy Guard App. It’s not an ordinary review like how its working, the app’s pros and cons, etc. It’s just a simple review how the app can help you to secure your Android Phone and iPhone easily. Here we go.
Leo Privacy Guard, created by Leo Master, is an all-round privacy protection app designed for iPhones and all types of Android smartphones. The app understands the need of the people to stay secure and offers to protect not just the mobile phones of the users but also the apps installed in them! To use it, one simply has to download the app from Google PlayStore or Apple Store and install the same on the device in question.

Leo Privacy Guard touts itself as a safe, smart and easy-to-use app. For Android mobiles, it offers a one-click feature which enforces strong locks on the personal apps on the phone which contain private, sensitive or confidential data. The app is also capable of applying interesting covers to the icons on the phone so as to trick snoopers and nosy individuals, which is a rare and highly interesting feature to offer. The app also enables the user to create a private vault with his/her personalized privacy condition so as to store the pictures, videos, text messages and call logs of the device securely and secretively.

The privacy app is not just meant for concealing or locking data or apps on the device but it also doubles up as a phone manager. Leo Privacy Guard is capable of monitoring the data and battery usage of the phone and identify the factors that are sapping the battery most aggressively. The app also offers to manage all the other apps installed on the Android smartphone. Upon receiving permission from the user, it can also uninstall the apps that are lying around unused on the phone and occupying valuable storage space!

For Android users who are bored of their regular lock screens, the app offers different types of attractive themes. For instance, one can have donuts, water bubbles, hot air balloons, sushi and other kinds of icons instead of dots for the pattern lock screen. Moreover, all of these are set against interesting relevant backdrops which add to the aesthetics of the lock screen!

As far as iPhones are concerned, Leo Privacy Guard offers three different ways to lock up the user’s secrets: pattern lock, touch ID and PIN lock. As for pictures, the app can snapshot the images under interesting covers without leaving behind any trace, thus enabling the user to have his/her own private camera on iPhone. The app also monitors the scanning of all types of QR and bar codes so as to ensure that they are carried out safely. iPhone users can also use the app to create a safe vault for storing login information and lengthy card numbers. In case of the iPhone app, Leo Privacy Guard also allows the users to monitor the battery condition as well as the data usage in real time.

Leo Privacy Guard on Google Play Store

Leo Privacy Guard on Apple Store

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