How to Delete your Kik Account Permanently

Today we are publishing an article related to Kik. You know that Kik is a an instant messaging application for mobile devices that lets you share photos, videos, sketches, mobile webpages, and other contents easily.

Kik is still one of the popular instant messaging apps right now. But a lot of users reporting that Kik app makes their smartphone slow and they wont need the app or Kik account anymore.
Today the post is about how to delete Kik account permanently. It’s really simple. This tutorial could help you.

1. Go to Kik Account Deactivation Page
2. Enter your Email that Associated with your Kik Account

3. Click ‘Go’ to Continue

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4. Open the Email and click the confirmation link at the bottom under “Want to deactivate your account?”

5. Wait for several minutes to arrive the deactivation email from Kik

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