15 Best Funny Websites on the Internet

The Internet is an amazing source of things. Internet can be used to grow up our knowledge or just for a fun. As a student, you can learn great things from Internet and as a reader I can learn great information’s.

Everyone has their own interests to use the Internet. Some are using to gain information’s and some are using for entertainment.

If you are looking to watch fun things on the Internet, you are at the right place. A Good laugh helps relieve the daily stresses in life. Here we go with the 15 best funny websites on the Internet.

1. Damn You Auto Correct – Funny iPhone fails and crazy autocorrect stories.

2. Engrish – Visit Engrish.com to how they Documenting the Engrish phenomenon from East Asia and around the world.

3. Funny or Die – Great collection of Funny Videos, Clips and Images.

4. Awkward Family Photos – Collections of Funny Baby pictures, Birthday Pictures, Couples Pictures, Pet Pictures, etc.

5. Quick Meme – Best funny memes on the Internet.

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6. StumbleUpon Humor – StumbleUpon is one of the popular content discovery engine. Their Humor collection will definitely entertain you.

7. eBaum’s World – Another popular website to watch funny videos, pictures, jokes, etc.

8. Funny Website – Funny Website is a place to watch funny images on the internet.

9. People of Walmart – Funny pictures of pople shopping at the Walmart.

10. The Onion – The Onion features humorous parodies of national and international news.

11. College Humor – You’ll find very funny videos and pictures.

12. Break – Break is an online video sharing community only focuses on funny videos.

13. I Am Bored – Sites for when you’re bored.

14. Cracked – America’s popular humor site.

15. Kill Some Time – Another site to watch Funny Videos, Funny Video Clips and Funny Pictures.

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