Vital SEO Strategies for 2017 (Updated)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an extremely integral part of social media. If you are handling your SEO with efficiency it can only result into a considerable amount of revenue for your brand and business. This is not a one-time thing, but an on-going process that needs to be initiated time and again. If you manage to create a stable follow of traffic that is a good thing, but along with it, you would be required to maintain the traffic consistency. Moreover, you need to constantly be improving the SEO in order to keep the rank high.

To make sure you rank well, there are two main things that are required. The first thing is to have links to the website and content. But the content and the website you are generating have to be to be of high quality. The other thing is to take Google into consideration since, it has hundreds of ranking factors.
To prepare you for the future here are 6 Vital SEO Strategies for 2016, which are crucial for acquiring and maintaining high ranks.

Have a subject-matter expert as the Influence: In simple terms, an Influencer is that person who knows how to make sure people are listening to the brand. In the case of Search Engine Optimization, having an Influencer on your side will ensure that more people share your blogs post, reach out to your website, and more importantly, people start to trust the content you put up. Having a subject-matter expert is a great idea. They will head your content creation on the website with efficiency.

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Come up with an effective strategy for content marketing: It is essential for every website to have an effective content strategy. This strategy should mainly focus on the top keywords. These keywords come in handy while creating content for videos, blog posts, and whitepapers. This ensures that people have something to link to. Moreover, through the keywords the content has the potential to rank on its own. If your website already has high rankings it will further boost it.  This will lead to domain authority that will transform into higher rankings. Added to this, constantly creating content gives an indication to Google that your website is active. This will ultimately result in better ranking.

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Your site should have strong backlinks: In order to develop backlinks for your website, you need to have a content marketing strategy, along with an influencer. Besides this, you need to pursue methods that lead people to link you. One of the methods of achieving this is by writing for a large publication. Conducting industry interviews along with recommending quality content to relevant people also helps. Another option is to hire a PR (Public Relation) company or even an SEO company that is equipped with a powerful digital division capable of helping you.

There are tools like Majestic SEO, which assist you in recognizing the links used by your competitors. You can then analyze these links and accordingly develop and implement a strategy.

Mobile-friendly website: Google came up with an extremely important update called as Mobilegeddon, in this year. This update ensured that you need to have a mobile-friendly website by mid- April of the same year. If not, there are really good chances that you would be washing your hands off a good ranking through the mobile version of search listings from Google. Therefore, by 2016 rolls you need to ensure that you have a mobile-friendly website ready. In this version, Google has three types of options that are accepted for a mobile site. These designs are responsive design, use of dynamic serves, and lastly to set up on a mobile subdomain.

Furthermore, Google now has started granting higher rank to websites, which apply SEO for their app as well. Hence, while creating an app be sure to include the implementation of SEO.

Create website on HTTPS: An expert in his field, Gary Illyes of Google recently tweeted saying, “If you’re an SEO and you’re recommending against going HTTPS, you’re wrong, and you should feel bad.” Remember that if your URL is lead by HTTP your website might not be secure. Instead, go for the HTTPS as the ‘S’ over here stands for security. In fact, Google is so keen on you shifting to HTTPS that now they are boosting the websites that are secure. So, make sure you make the transformation as soon as possible.

Insert the markup for your website: This is a sort of markup that can be included into the code of your website. Through the, you can convey to Google, which image is the logo on your website, the review section, the video sections, the category your company falls under, your location, and so much more. In the past year, Google has indicated numerous times that the will provide a better rank. Regarding this, Google’s John Mueller recently said, “over time, I think it [structured markup] is something that might go into the rankings as well.”

In the coming year, these are the important SEO Strategies that can help you improve your ranking. Create a mobile-friendly website and always and I mean always, provide quality content and generate backlinks.

Author Bio: Govind Agarwal is a Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Expert at Submitedgeseo, with over 6 years’ experience in the Web Marketing Techniques.

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