Delete Multiple Instagram Photos Easily

Instagram is one of the world’s largest photo-sharing service owned Facebook. Instagram lets us capture and upload photos, videos in real time.

Currently, there is no way to delete multiple Instagram photos. You have to delete each photos using the Instagram app manually. I’m sure you won’t need any more details about the service if you are a user. Today we are simply discussing a trick related to Instagram, how to delete multiple Instagram photos easily.
It’s really simple. Check out this. Also, check how to find Deleted Instagram Photos.

1. Log into Instagram from the Web.

2. Open your Instagram Profile. For example,

3. Open each picture you want to delete from your computer. Hold the Ctrl button and click on each picture you want to delete.

4. Add a Unique Hashtag to all of the Image.

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This step could be a bit confusing for you. You need to a unique hashtag to all of the images. The hashtag should not be used by anyone else. You can add a hashtag like this “#deletethis1323432015yes“.

Add this hashtag to the Comment section of each image you want to delete.

5. Open Instagram App on your Mobile.

6. Search for that unique hashtag. Here it is “#deletethis1323432015yes“.

7. All of the images you marked will appear.

8. Start Deleting Photos

Start deleting photos. Tap the first photo on the list, tap delete and then tap Delete again. Repeat this for each image.

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