30 Best Cloud Storage Services of 2019 (Updated)

We have already published a lot of articles related to cloud storage services recently. Cloud storage services are used to secure our files, images and all other important documents.

Probably you already heard about some popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, etc. Today we are listing 30 best cloud storage services of 2016. We have listed some sites you might never be heard before. Here we go.

WebsiteSpaceLifetime?File Size LimitPro Account (Starting Price)
Google Drive 15 GBYes 5 TB$1.99/month for 100 GB
Adrive No Free AccountsNo 16 GB$2.50/month for 100 GB
Box10 GBYes250MB$10/month for 100 GB
CX10 GBYes – –
One Drive15 GB + 3 GBYes2 GB (via OneDrive apps)
2 GB (via OneDrive website)
$1.99/month for 100GB
Dropbox2 GBYes2 GB$9.99/month for 1000 GB
MediaFire10 GBYes20 GB$2.49/month for 1000 GB
Amazon Cloud5 GBYes2 GB$10/year for 20 GB
Bitcasa5 GBYesNo File Size Limit$10/month for 1000 GB
SlashDrive10 GBYesNo File Size Limit –
TardisBoxUp to 150 GB –No File Size Limit$8/month for 180+GB of space
pCloud10 GBYesNo File Size Limit$4.99/month for 100 GB
Degoo100 GB – – –
Yunio1000 GB – – –
Mega50 GBYesNo File Size Limit$131 for 500 GB
US Signal50 GBYes – –
Copy20 GBYesNo File Size Limit$9.99/month for 250 GB
FireDrive20 GB –No File Size Limit$0.99/month for 1024 GB
OziBox100 GB –No File Size limit –
FlipDrive5 GBYes25 MB$4.95/month for 10 GB
Hubic25 GB1 YearNo File Size Limit$1.5 for 100 GB
SFshare50 GB –400 MB$49.55/month for 250 GB
Shared100 GB –1 GB$9.95/month for 1 TB
CloudMe3 GB –150 MB$5/month for 25 GB
JumpShare2 GBYes250 MB$9.99/month
iDrive5 GBYesNo File Size Limit$37.12/year for 300 GB
InBox5 GB – – –
Surdoc100 GB1 Year –$2.50/month for 100GB
DumpTruck5 GB – – –
JustCloud1 GBYes100 MB$2.23 per Month for 250 GB

*Website = Service
*Space = Space available for free for all users
*Lifetime = Free Cloud Space available for  Lifetime or 1 Year
*File Size Limit =  Maximum File Size Limit you can upload (On Free Account)
*Pro Account = Pro Account price for your business purposes
*- = Seeking for Right Result

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