f acebook, facebooj, facepook, facevook – Interesting Facebook Search Mistakes

Today I’m writing an interesting post, at least for some readers that are related to Facebook searches. You know Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site with more than 1.5 Billion engaging together.

This post is not Facebooks use or its importance for online marketing. According to Google, the term ‘Facebook’ gets 414,000,000 monthly searches. Similarly,  a lot of are searching Facebook term in mistake.
Here are some interesting Facebook mistake searches.

1. face book – Many thinks that Face and book are different words on that site. This term gets searched near 1,000,000 monthly searches.

2. facebooj – I’m sure that this is a typing mistake.

3. facepook – Book or pook?

4. facebookj – I’m sure they are really fast in typing.

5. facebooks – I’m confused!!!!!!!!!!!

6. facebopok – Nothing to say more.They are really fast.

7. facevook – Getting near 40,500 monthly searches.

8. facewbook – Getting near 9,900 monthly searches in average.

9. fcbook – 4,400 average monthly searches.

10. facebookcom – You missed that . man.

I know most of these are made becasue of fat typing. Why these mistakes are huge in number? Because Facebook had more than 1.5 Billion users.

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