Review of the LEO Privacy Guard V3

Again we are publishing an article about LEO privacy guard this month. We already published an article about how Leo Privacy Guard can protect your Android Phone, iPhone and also published Leo Privacy Guard Application Features.

Today we are reviewing LEO Privacy Guard V3. Here we go.

Privacy is a fundamental necessity for comfortable living. Today’s world is filled with portable electronic communication devices that constantly exchange hands. We are however unwilling to disclose all our personal information to others. The Leo Privacy Guard V3 is an app that safeguards the personal data contained in a mobile or tablet and boosts the device at regular intervals. This articles is a comprehensive review LEO Privacy Guard V3, discussing its features to help you decide whether it is worth a spot on your device’s menu.

Pattern Lock for Apps

Some of the things that Android users prefer to keep to themselves including social conversations and personal data. This creates the need for locking them. Through the LEO security, users select the apps that they wish to secure using a pattern or pin.

Another feature of the app in the scan function. All new items imported to your device are scanned. Users can perform repairs of any error issues found. If an app is installed on a device that has LEO, the scanning occurs automatically and the user is informed about it on the notification bar.

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Secret Box 

It is no secret that most people may have photo albums that they do not wish to publicly share. Just like most security apps, Leo has an inside privacy guard were where you can hide messages, call logs and photos.

Wi-Fi Protection

Free Wi-Fi is one of the things that make using Android enjoyable. Wi-Fi which does not prompt you for a password may not be all that safe. Open networks usually have privacy concerns. LEO scans Wi-Fi networks and warns you if your phone or tablet is connected to a hotspot.

Finding a Lost Device

The anti-theft function enables users to remotely lock their installed applications with the aid of advanced app lock features. Furthermore, the apps allow you to locate your lost device on the map.

Break-in Alert

People often try to open locked applications with the curiosity of finding out what has been hidden. The LEO security app provides the option of taking a snapshot of the individuals with prying eyes. You can set a limit for entering the pattern or pin of which when exceeded, the application will be inaccessible for certain duration of time

Memory Boost

With continuous use, mobile devices become slow due to low memory availability. Cleaning and boosting are two processes that can improve their performance. The makers of this app incorporated a one boost feature and one click feature. These functions remove Junk files that have been left in the RAM by the previous task, making space for a new one.

Low RAM Consumption

The application has a relatively low consumption of the RAM. Installing and running it does not affect the performance of an Android device.


The LEO Privacy Guard V3 is a free app that offers impressive security features. However, it has numerous ads that users may find irritating. After weighing its features against those of other security application, you will be able make an informed choice of which security application to settle for.

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