A Review of Leo Privacy Guard Application Features

We already published an article about how Leo Privacy Guard can protect your Android and iPhone. Today we are reviewing Leo Privacy Guard’s application features. Here we go.

Technology can only keep on getting better. Making lives easier better by making communication very easy and seamless. Unlike two decades ago when communication was limited to wired telephones and mobile phones were only a preserve for the wealthy, mobile telephony today has improved to the point that it is now very cheap for anyone to get themselves a cell phone.
Today, cell phones also come with increased capabilities other than just making phone calls. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of applications that one can install on their cellphone for different purposes.

Although all this is good, it comes with its own challenges, chief among them privacy issues. Maintaining privacy especially with applications that facilitate sharing of information such as videos and photos is increasingly becoming hard. Thanks to applications such as the Leo privacy guard which is available on both Android and iOS platforms, maintaining privacy on smartphones has been made much easier. For one to know what this application is all about, it is imperative to review Leo privacy guard and all its features. The following is a review of the application’s features.

Anti-theft feature

The Leo privacy guard offers a very advanced privacy feature that makes it very easy to prevent theft of your smartphone from happening or making it easy to recover the smartphone once it is stolen. The application is engineered to prevent private data leakage. It also has a feature to lock any application that a user may find the need for maintaining privacy of that specific application’s data. Other than the app lock feature and averting private data leakage that the anti-theft feature has, it also has a location feature that makes it possible to find the location of the phone once it has been stolen.

Safe Box feature

The safe box is a very ingenious feature that is meant to protect the user’s media from anyone who may have access to your smartphone. The safe box makes it very easy to place all your private photos and videos in a personal vault that only you can access. This is especially an essential tool if anyone has a prying sibling or spouse. It keeps all your media safe from any prying eyes.

Break-in Alert

The Leo privacy guard has very clever feature that is meant to help you know who has been snooping around your phone. It does this by taking selfies of anyone who has been trying to access your phone or snooping. You can then view these selfies at a later date so that you can know who has been trying to go through your phone’s contents.

Wi-Fi security

The application also has in built feature to scan all the Wi-Fi connection that the phone makes to make sure that the connections are secure and that no harm can be brought to the phone through external network connections.

Privacy scan

The application has a simple tool to check the phones privacy status all the simple click of a button. This will help a user know if their privacy status is compromised and whether they need to improve their privacy status.

Leo Privacy Guard on Google Play Store

Leo Privacy Guard on Apple Store

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