Use and stop Google from sending you to country Specific

Today we are discussing a common problem related to using Actually, it’s not a problem, but it is a bit frustrating for who need to search on

For example, I’m from India when I visit it will redirect me to If you are from UK and you visit it will redirect to
So how to use Use and stop Google from sending you to country Specific. It’s really simple. Here we go.

1. If you are on Google Chrome, go to Chrome Settings.

2. Then click the “Show Home Button” under “Appearance”.

3. Select “Open this page” then type “

Also, do the same if you want to start with when you open the browser. Go to Chrome settings, then on start up then open a specific page or set of pages. Then type

Appy the same method on all browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc. Just replace the browser URL with

The “ncr” stands for “No Country Redirect”. If you include this on the URL, Google won’t geolocate your homepage.

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