My 5 Favorite Google Drive Features

Google Drive is one of my favorite productivity service that helps to complete my works in time. Most people are using Google Drive just to save their files and documents.

Do you think Google Drive is not just a file storage service? You are absolutely wrong. Google Drive is more than you think its one of the best productivity service I ever used.

Google Drive is the service I’m using to save my precious files, documents, images, videos, etc. Today I’m listing my 5 favorite Google Drive features.

1. Create Docs, Sheets, Slides

Google Drive is not just a place to store your files, but a complete productivity suite. You can create Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, Google My Maps, etc.
You can also connect more apps to Google Drive to done more works.

2. Google Docs Voice Typing

Google’s been using Voice typing on their services for more than years and now they perfectly implemented Voice typing into Google Docs.Google Voice support for 40 languages that can help you to dictate instead of typing.
Open any Docs in the Chrome browser, Go to Tools and select Voice typing.

3. Share and Collaboration

Google Drive is the service I’m using to share files and images with my family and friends. Most of them are Android users and Google Drive is pre-installed on their devices.

So I won’t need to force them to install Google Drive on their device. Google Drive lets you share individual documents and drives with your family, friends, or with your coworkers.

4. Track Activity

In Google Drive, we can easily track the activity of specific items that have been created on. You can see moving and
You can see moving and removing, renaming, uploading, sharing and unsharing, editing and commenting activities through Google Drive.

5. Awesome Templates

Google provides well designed templates on Google Docs, Sheets, and slides that helps us to quickly create resumes, budget spreadsheets, slideshows, etc.

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