GetResponse Vs Unbounce and Lander Review: Landing Page Builder Detailed Comparison

The Internet has grown as a powerful source to perform a variety of activities. These days, almost all business activities like trading and brand promotions have gone online. There are several ways of internet marketing that are helping different companies to outsource their products and services. A landing page builder is required to create attractive template designs which work well to attract the attention of the vast global population present on the internet. GetResponse, Unbounce and Lander are some popular landing page software tools that are trusted by most clients. These tools are capable of offering effective landing pages. But which one has advanced features? Let us compare their similarities and dissimilarities to conclude which is a better landing page builder.

GetResponse Landing Page Tool: A Brief Look

Out of all the landing page creator tools available on the internet, GetResponse Landing Page Creator has been successful to build a large client list. It is a famous landing page creator which has helped numerous internet marketers. You can easily access some powerful templates that can be modified as per the client’s requirement. GetResponse can be used by both small scale and large scale firms which make it an effective landing page builder.

Lander Landing Page Tool: A Brief Look

Lander is one of the top landing page creator tools that consist of easy-to-use features which can be operated by any user. One need not require any type of technical knowledge to use Lander. You can create interesting information for your website that is catchy and impressive using this landing page builder. The Lander editor is quite popular among large scale as well as small scale companies that aim to improve their online ranking for business promotions.

Unbounce Landing Page Tool: A Brief Look

Unbounce is another supreme landing page builder that has some interesting features to help business developers in promoting their brand’s products and services in the best possible way. Landing pages can be created by adding images and videos that make Unbounce an excellent source to design attractive landing pages.

GetResponse vs Lander vs Unbounce: Feature Comparison

If you are confused in making a selection, then check out this informative comparison that might help you get a detailed view about the eligibility of these three landing page builder tools.

Template Design

GetResponse: This creator software has 100+ template designs that have interesting attributes to please the viewer.  These templates can be customized as per the wish of the client. The presence of WYSIWYG editor assists the user in designing their own template designs without the requirement of any HTML coding. The drag and drop feature is another major advantage of this landing page software.

Lander: Lander has limited template designs. The available templates are categorised into five different categories: Bio & Portfolio, Product & Services, Ecommerce, Coming Soon and Layouts. These landing page designs are quite promising which can be utilised for different promotional purposes. Lander also consists of a WYSIWYG editor that helps in the creation of customized landing pages.

Unbounce: Unbounce is equally effective in terms of template designs as compared to the other two software tools. This landing page creator has 85+ template designs that make it suitable for almost all business sectors. Unbounce has a WYSIWYG editor like the other two tools. The user can easily create personalised template designs under quick steps using Unbounce.

Winner: GetResponse with a huge collection of templates with easy customization options appears to be the winner when we talk about template design.

A/B Split Testing

GetResponse: A/B split testing features allows the user to check the visitor’s response towards the landing pages. GetResponse offers you with 5 different variants of landing pages that can be checked at the same time. This allows you to analyse which landing page designs work effectively to please the online viewers.

Lander: Lander also offers this testing feature but it has restricted variants. There are 3 separate versions which can be accessed at the same time under Lander.

Unbounce: Unbounce is equipped with A/B Split testing feature that works for 2+ variants at a single frame of time. This allows the user to check the effectiveness of various template designs.

Winner: Here also, GetResponse wins over its other two competitors providing more versions of a template to be tested simultaneously.


GetResponse: GetResponse can be linked with a number of CRM software. There are also options to integrate the landing pages with social media and social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Google Analytics can also be linked with GetResponse to attain a precise response rate.

Lander: The user can keep a check on the conversion rate along with the performance of the landing page due to an effective integration with Google Analytics. Moreover, social media linking is also available under Lander landing page creator.

Unbounce: Unbounce offers excellent features related to social media as well as analytic integration just like some of the other popular landing page creator software. This surely helps in enhancing the level of branding for the client. Google Analytics can be linked under Unbounce.

Winner: All the three platforms are well integrated with third party applications to help the users bring out most of these smart tools.


GetResponse: You simply have to spend $15 every month to access the minimal plan of GetResponse. This package helps you avail 1000 contacts. The plan can be extended based on the client’s requirement.

Lander: Lander charges a fee of $37 for a basic monthly package. Under this scheme, you can allow 3,000 visitors. There are other package options which can be activated anytime you want during your subscription period.

Unbounce: A price of $49 per month is the minimal cost which one needs to pay to access Unbounce landing page software.

Winner: No doubt, GetResponse has established itself in the industry with its cut-throat pricing that is far better than any of its competitor. It is one of the cheapest and the best landing page creator tool.


After analysing all the above common software features, it is quite evident that GetResponse is indeed a well-equipped software that Lander and Unbounce. GetResponse can be accessed at a much cheaper price than the other two creator tools. Moreover, GetResponse has extra template designs as well improved customized features. Unbounce can surely match GetResponse in few attributes but look at the complete picture, GetResponse is a clear winner. One can surely trust the services of GetResponse to help them create strong landing pages to acquire a good customer base. This software is the most suitable tool for all grades of business firms.

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