Tips to Help Reduce Lag in Online Gaming

If you are an avid online gamer, you would understand that there is nothing worse than experiencing lag. Imagine yourself in full swing; playing a match of Medal of Honor and just as you are about to pull the trigger and shoot the enemy player, your PC freezes for a couple of seconds. It’s just a matter of seconds when your near victory turns into near death. Lag can turn a fun and exciting gaming experience into an annoying one.

Lag or latency occurs when your computer is overburdened with unnecessary files, improperly configured network settings or some other issue that makes your network slow and interrupts your gaming sessions. Here are some tips that can help you avoid lag and have a high-speed gaming session.
Upgrade Your Pc

Though to win a game performance of the gamer is one of the most important factors but there are other factors as well. An upgraded PC running a quad-core water-cooled gaming tower will reduce the lag to a significant level. Upgrading RAM and graphic cards can make a huge difference. There are other bottlenecks too like the maximum limitations of internet transmissions and game server. But increasing the efficiency and performance of your own PC can enhance your gaming experience multifold.

Reduce ping

Ping refers to the reaction time your PC takes to respond to a request by another PC. If your computer has a high reaction time, you will surely face problems during your gaming sessions. In order to reduce ping, you will need to shut down all the other programs running on your PC. Also, ensure that no one else in your house is running a bandwidth-hungry service like streaming online videos. The more devices actively using the internet connection, higher will be the reaction time of your PC.

Alter Game Requirements

Sure upgrading your PC to the hilt helps, but not everybody can afford it. For those still struggling with an older version of a computer, lowering the game requirements will certainly help. All you need to do is reduce screen resolution and texture resolution, render quality etc. Though excellent graphics makes gaming better but not all the systems have the ability to process the graphics. By reducing the workload of your PC and its graphic card, you will be significantly able to improve your performance.

Consider Your Internet Connection

Ditch the Wi-Fi if you want to improve your gaming experience. As fast as your Wi-Fi might be, there are obstructions and other household interference that affects the speed. Opt for a high-speed internet provider. Best VPN service will help you with a high speed and secure internet connection to improve your online gaming experience. You can check VPN service reviews online and choose according to your location.

Cut Down the Load on Your Main Processor

Usually, our processors have to work overtime with multiple apps and services running in the background. You can considerably reduce lag if you shut down all the unnecessary processes while you are playing online. As the workload on your main processor is reduced you will find an increase in the efficiency of your computer. Press Cntrl-Alt-Delete to start the task manager; click on the performance tab and then on the resource monitor button. Resource monitor will give you the details of all the processes that are burdening your processor. Identify the applications that are non-essential and kill those processes. Voila! Your processor will speed up.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several other things to consider for optimizing your gaming sessions. You need to keep your drivers updated, especially the ones related to your graphic card. Defragmenting the hard drive occasionally can also speed up processing time.

Even the smallest of actions counts and can make a huge difference in optimizing your system and giving a boost when your play games online. All of these tips individually might not lead to a visible difference in removing the lag. But added together, these instructions can significantly help remove the lag and improve your online gaming experience multifold.

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