10 Best IFTTT Recipes for Evernote Lovers

Today we are publishing an interesting article related to the world’s largest note-taking service Evernote. Evernote is one of the best productivity apps I ever used that really helps me to get my work done.

Sometimes your notes are texts, sometimes they are pictures, sometimes they are a checklist, files who know what else. Evernote is the place you can do all these works single-handed.
What is IFTTT? IFTTT is a web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements. What if we connect Evernote with some awesome IFTTT recipes. I’m sure you be more productive. That’s why today we are listing 10 best IFTTT recipes for Evernote lovers.

1. Save Starred Gmail’s to Evernote – This recipe helps you to save starred important Gmail’s to Evernote automatically.

2. Store Pocket Article to Evernote – This IFTTT recipe can help you to store Pocket articles to Evernote automatically.

3. Make an Evernote Journal based on Google Calendar – This recipe helps uses Evernote as a journal by creating a new “entry” for every event on your calendar.

4. Archive Instagram Photos to Evernote – Yes, you can archive your Instagram photos in an Evernote notebook.

5. Label a Gmail “Evernote” to Send it – In Gmail, just select Evernote as a label for an email and it will get sent to Evernote as a new note.

6. Save your Liked Tweets to Evernote – This is one of my favorite IFTTT recipe that helps me to save my liked Tweets to an Evernote notebook.

7. YouTube Watch Later Videos to Evernote – This is for YouTube lovers. All  YouTube videos added to your ‘Watch Later’ playlist will be saved in a new Evernote note.

8. Save iOS Screenshots to Evernote – Save all the screenshots you capture with iOS will be automatically saved to an Evernote notebook.

9. Google Calendar Sync – Sync your Google Calendar with Evernote.

10. Send Scanned Docs from Dropbox to Evernote – This recipe helps you to take scanned documents from a subfolder called ‘Paperless Scans’ in Dropbox and store them in a folder called ‘To Be Filed’ on Evernote.

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