10 Best Document Sharing Sites

Best document sharing sites, this is our collection of the popular document sharing sites. These sites can help you to share PDF, Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation or more file types easily across any devices or to any users.

These document sharing sites lets you safely share your most important documents across the web. Most of the sites listed here are easy to use gives free limited storage for the users. Are you ready to go? Here we go with the best document sharing sites.
1. Google Drive – Google Drive is my personal favorite cloud storage cum document sharing sites. Google Drive helps me to save my important all documents to the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

2. Dropbox – Dropbox comes next into our list. Dropbox is a popular cloud storage service that can be used to share almost any type of files to your friends, family, or to the co-workers.

3. Box – Box is an enterprise cloud storage service that widely used by corporate companies to share files and documents together.

4. DropSend – With DropSend, you can send large files of up to 8GB that’s ideal for sending JPGs, PFs, MP3s. With a free DropSend account, you can send 5 files per month with a 4 GB file support.

5. HighTail – HighTail lets you share documents, images, videos, PDFs
 and more for free. HighTail free account limits 2 GB storage space, max 1GB of download bandwidth per month and 250 maximum file size.

6. OneDrive – Microsoft OneDrive comes next into our list. You can share almost any type of documents for free. When the free storage limit drops to 5GB, and the extra 15GB camera roll bonus is discontinued, Microsoft is really lacking their fan follow.

7. OpenDrive – Compare to other sites, OpneDrive is not much popular but it’s working the way we need. OpenDrive basic plan comes with 5 GB of space, 100 MB maximum file size, 1 GB/Day Bandwidth for one user.

8. Mega – Mega comes next into our list. Mega lets you share files and documents with other users for free.  Mega is one of the rare file storage services that offers up to 50 GB for the lifetime for absolutely free.

9. MediaFire – MediFire gives 12GB of free space, you can use to backup all your important files and documents. You can share documents and file with others through MediaFire easily.

10. WeTransfer – WeTransfer comes last into our list. WeTransfer is a simple file sharing site that lets you send up to 2GB size file for free. You won’t need to signup for to use WeTransfer.

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