How to Delete a Pin on Pinterest

Today we are discussing one of the most basic function related to the popular social networking site Pinterest. How to delete a Pin on Pinterest?

You know that Pinterest is a trendy site that allows users to upload, save, sort, and manage images known as pins. The question is how to delete a Pin that added to your Pinterest profile? It’s really easy.

1. Hover over the Pin you want to Delete

2. Click the Pencil Button

3. Click “Delete Pin”

That’s it. You have deleted the Pin successfully. Please note that you can’t undo this action, so be careful.

Delete Pins in Bulk

How to move, copy, or delete Pins in bulk.

1. Just go to any of your boards on the web and click move pins.

2. Click Move Pins

3. Select up to 50 Pins to Move or Delete

Please note that you can’t undo this action.

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