How to Run Multiple Google Drive Account on Windows and Mac

How to Run Multiple Google Drive Account on Windows and Mac? Google Drive is one of the favourite productivity, cloud storage service I’m using to save my important images, files, and documents.

I have been using my personal Google Drive account to save my personal photos, files, and using Google Drive business account to save important files and documents related to my business purpose.

I can easily switch between those accounts from Google web but unfortunately, when using the desktop application for the same, there is no such feature. Currently, you can only use single Google Drive client on your desktop.

So we are going to share a technique that helps us to run multiple Google Drive account on Windows. Here we are using a third party service called Insync. Let’s check how it works.

1. Install Insync

2. Sign into a Google Account

Insync will ask you to sign in to a Google account. Insync will ask you to select between simple setup and advanced setup. You can choose as per your needs.

3. Select the folder where you want to sync

select the folder where you want to sync the files. Click on save settings and you are ready to go. Insync will start to sync to your computer.

4. Add another Google Account

It’s time to add the second Google Drive account. To configure the second account, select Add a Google Account option and follow the steps.

Insync will work on Windows Mac & Linux with 15 Day free trial. After that, you have to buy Insync Plus for consumers for $25 for a lifetime or Insync Pro for professionals for $25 per year or buy Insync business for $25 for an year.

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If you can refer 15 of your friends to the Insync service, you can use the service for free without any limitations.

What do you think about Insync? Is that helps you to run multiple Google Drive Account on Windows and Mac? Let us know through the comments.

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