10 Best Payment Gateway Providers of 2019 (Updated)

Best Payment Gateway Providers – Today every individual in this e-world knows the importance of online shopping. So online businesses also should make the online shopping easier and affordable. This should not be your problem anymore in the availability of all the payment service providers in the big world today.

Today online payment is very easy and it is a way too easier than cash payment because it keeps records of every little transaction that you do. There are lots of online payment services and among them; I am going to write about few which may be the best.

This expense facility contributor is an amalgamation of the vendor report and expense doorway which requires no vendor report.  It is very much user-friendly since all that you need to do is to proof your account and register it with your user id and your debit and credit cards.  Funding and refunding of the bills is an easy task with this service provider.

ACH Payments

It is one of the best online service providers.  It provides international payments, vendor’s account, debit as well as credit card workstation, and also cellular phone payment workstation. It is best used as a payroll system.

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The programmers use this payment provider to register their projects through using stripes interface. It needs no vendor account for paying your bills. You can bypass the bills without the vendor’s account details.


Woocommerce is an online payment service provider which provides WordPress users to do online selling by opening their individual online sell commerce.  It is a very intelligible payment plan which applies to coupons and maintains one’s online stores. You will get all the businesses updates about delivery and tax ideas and check the total market value of your goods and performances.


Paypal is a very popular online payment service provider that processes almost 8 to 9 million payments every day.  It is used by millions of shoppers all across the globe only because it provides active accounts to more than hundred million customers for online shopping including currencies of almost thirty countries all over the globe. The payment procedure is very simple because you can even do the payment online by just writing a cheque and then clicking a picture of it through your mobile phone and then uploading the same through your mobile phone.


One of the oldest online imbursement services named as the Authorize. Net is the most used service for online payment. Almost nearly 4 lakh vendors use this service and are gaining the trusts of large sets of customers doing online shopping.


The most excellent division of the WePay system is that it is one of the simplest payment system originated online. Like any other imbursement systems, it also provides credit and debit card payment facilities. Its dispensation ability is very speedy. It can be worn by people of approximately all countries excluding that of America.


It is a payment service for the automated clearing house. It allows servicing payments through social media also. This ultimate feature makes the online payment much more interesting than others. Social media networks like Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter etc.  are included in this  network system. Online banking is an added advantage and it is a free service. You do not have to pay anything for this service if you are using it for online payment.

Google Wallet

This is the most used and the top ranking service provider out of the total. Google wallet is similar to the PayPal. The only difference is that it is created by google and it provides its users with a google wallet card also. This Google wallet is simple and allows the transactions to be very simple and handy. The payment including the funding as well as refunding events is very straightforward and protected. Whichever user has a Google account and registering with this particular Google wallet. Google wallet is also going to issue a bodily card very soon and the shoppers will be connecting this bodily Google wallet card with their personal bank account. Using this card you can also do the payment through an atm.

Amazon Payments

This particular service is a protected and simple to use service for online payment of funding as well as refunding through the Application Programming Interface using Amazon. If you have anytime bought anything from the Amazon’s website and you have paid through online payment procedure, then this particular service has all your details stored in their database.

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