5 Best Pill Reminder Apps

Pill reminder Apps are used to keep yourself and your loved ones never forget to take your medicines again. According to the studies near 50% of patients not taking medicines as prescribed and 44 out of 100 prescriptions never picked up at the pharmacy.

A good Pill Reminder App can work as a Medication reminder, prescription and pill organizer. You should use a pill reminder app, not a regular app to organise this.

If you are searching for best Pill reminder apps, you are at the right place. Here we go with the 5 best pill reminder apps.

1. Medisafe

Medisafe is a popular free app that stays safe with their medicines and keeps track of blood pressure, glucose, and other measurements. Medisafe has been recommended by popular blogs and news sites such as Wired, CNBC, Readers Digest, and more.

Medisafe is capable of managing drugs for many complex health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Medisafe App is available for iOS, Apple Watch, and for Android Devices.

2. Pill Reminder by Drugs.com

Pill Reminder by Drugs.com comes next into our list. Pill Reminder’s clean interface set up any type of recurring pill reminders using our flexible scheduling options.

Pill Reminder app comes with some advanced features. You can add photos of your medications for a quick visual reference and also add custom notes to your pill reminders e.g. take with food, doctor or prescriber details, pain level etc.

3. Pill Alert

Pille Alert is another Medication, Prescription Reminder, and Tracker App from LinkLinks limited. Pill Alert supports multiple profiles, so you can use it for both you and your family members.

On Pill Alert, you can add schedules with frequency, dosage, time, times a day, and date ranges easily. You can add images of your medicines and also have the option track quantity of each medicine and remind when it’s time to refill.

4. Medicine Time

Medicine Time is a simple Pill reminder app with more than 100k of installation in Google Play Store. The Apps comes with just 4.1 MB in size with all basic features. You can set reminders to take medicines with the help of the smarter alarm.

5. Pill Monitor Free

Pill Monito free comes next into our list. You can easily schedule reminder of your pill, customer reminder time, repeat date and dosage of pills. When you notified a reminder by the app, you can choose to take, skip or snooze pills when it reminds.

You can keep, add, edit, or delete your pills taken history and also add a note to a pill taken entries.

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