Believe It – These ‘Go Paperless’ Apps Will Save You Thousands Every Month

Go Paperless Apps – Taking your business or office paperless can be rewarding especially as it helps improve efficiency, lower operation costs and increase the bottom line. You can save thousands each month by using the right paperless apps but this will require you to first map out the process with your business needs in consideration.

It is good to appreciate that each business or office operates differently and therefore you are better placed when using customer solutions together with software and apps that are likely to make the transition smooth. This article will discuss some of the best apps that are compatible with different technologies including tablets and Smartphones. The apps can help you save revenue as you enjoy a paperless environment.


Evernote promises to bring all your tasks, images, notes, and ideas in a single place. if you are looking for a comprehensive app that will help with seamless organization and productivity both within and outside your office, then this is the app to consider. Despite its unique features and benefits, the app is free, robust and intuitive and makes it possible for you to enjoy a paper-free, digital life. With Evernote, you can store documents, notes, photos, receipts, bills and any other document you want. The app also makes it possible for you to import large files including warranties, manuals, pictures of note and almost any document for safe storage and sharing.


iFax is a mobile app that can help you fax machines especially if you want to work away from your office and seeking to access critical documents from anywhere or to send a document to the client without using a fax machine. With this app, you take a picture of your document that needs faxing and then sends it as a message to a designated fax machine.

Google Drive

This app is absolutely free and allows your business or office to go paperless by creating shareable documents such as images and spreadsheets. With Google Drive, you do not have to email, upload or download your files whenever they are edited or revised since it is possible for those you share with to identify the changes made. Additionally, the app offers some amazing security features and you are able to see when any changes are made and who makes them. Google Drive allows for real-time collaboration with your staff or team members while making it possible to compare different document versions or even revert back to different versions based on changes made.


Basecamp is also a great tool which can save you thousands as you operate your cloud document management system. The app is great for both external and internal projects, works well than the more traditional and heavyweight Gantt-chart powered project management tools. With Basecamp, you can enjoy online collaboration and create tasks and schedules lists, have project-specific discussions and share documents. This helps create a paperless environment and save time spent tracking down emails and different versions of emailed project documents


Xero is a great cloud based accounting system that can help you save thousands that would otherwise be spent on Accounts Payable & Receivable departments. All you need to do is synch your business or office bank accounts, accept clients’ payments, share your information with your accountants and send invoices. Xero also makes it easy for you to receive a comprehensive snapshot of your business’ financial health or even create PDF forms thus enhancing the process of document handling and communication.

There are also other apps and tools such as Huddle, and RightSignature especially if you want to get your documents signed electronically. These apps can integrate with other cloud based tools and systems to simplify your document management process and also make digital records a lot more convenient to store and share. All these benefits come with an added advantage of saving more money and removing unnecessary hurdles that your office or business could be facing.

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