How to Insert YouTube Videos onto Dropbox Paper

How to insert YouTube videos onto Dropbox Paper? Dropbox Paper is a Dropbox’s new feature that works similar to Google Docs.

With Dropbox paper, you can collaborate real-time with friends, co-workers on same files. You can upload images, files, create task lists even nested ones, to track tasks, big or small on Dropbox paper.
If you are already working on Dropbox paper, probably you know you can embed files from YouTube, Google, and of course, Dropbox. For video tutorials, you can insert YouTube videos onto Dropbox Paper.

How to Insert YouTube Videos onto Dropbox Paper? Its really easy and you won’t need to add the embed code to display YouTube videos on Dropbox paper. You just need to copy and paste the YouTube Video URL to the Doc to display video. Also, you can play that YouTube video inside the Doc.

Check this quick video.

Hope that helps.

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