Wunderlist Calendar Integrations – Best Methods

Wunderlist Calendar Integrations – Wunderlist is the task management app I’m using to get my works done. It helps me our team to complete our tasks easily from my Smartphone, Tablet, and from Computer.

Wunderlist helps me to easily manage my daily life. We can create all the lists we need, share lists and collaborate with family, friends, etc. I already mentioned Wunderlist as one of my favorite productivity apps on my other blog posts.

You can add your Wunderlist tasks to your Calendar to organize your future plans, programs, and appointments. Today we are writing the post to give you some basic ideas about Wunderlist Calendar integrations.

1. Sync your Calendar

Wunderlist Calendar feed works with popular Calendar services like Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar and iCal. Check this quick video to know how to set up your Wunderlist Calendar feed with Google Calendar.

To get started, go to Wunderlist.com on your Computer and go to your Wunderlist account settings. Next scroll to the bottom and copy your unique link.

iCal Integration – On iCal, click File > New Calendar Subscription.

Click Subscribe and you are done. Your To-do’s with Due Dates will now show up in your iCal.
Outlook 2013 – click the Start ribbon > Open Calendar >

There, paste your Wunderlist Calendar Feed URL and you are done. Now you can see your Wunderlist tasks will show up in your Outlook Calendar.

Sunrise Calendar Integration

You can connect Wunderlist with the beautiful Sunrise Calendar. To do this just go to Sunrise Calendar from your computer and sign in to your account.

There you can see a gear icon at the top left.

Then select the accounts tab, then select Wunderlist and click on “Connect” sign into your Wunderlist account.
That’s it. Now you can see see your to-dos in your calendar.

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