How to Hide SumoMe Badge on your Blog

How to hide SumoMe Badge on your Blog? If you are a Blogger, you already heard about the popular website traffic tools provider SumoMe.

SumoMe is one of the plugins I install every time when I start a new blog. SumoMe WordPress plugin helps me create email sign up forms, heatmaps, social sharing, etc.

If you are on a limited budget, you can try SumoMe for free as they have free tools to grow up your site audience. When you use SumoMe on your Blog, you can see a Blue Badge at right top side.

Are you annoyed with this? Would you like to hide SumoMe badge from your blog? If you are looking for to hide SumoMe Badge on your WordPress Blog, you are at the right place. Here we go.

1. Login to your Blog.

2. Click the Badge you can see at the top right side of the blog.

3. Click the “Gear Icon”.
hide_sumome_badge-compressor4. Click on Badge at left side.

5. Drop-down under Badge location and select “Hidden”.

6. Click “Save”.

That’s it. You have successfully hide SumoMe badge from your blog. Setting your badge to ‘Hidden’ will hide the badge from visitors, but not from you.

Method to see SumoMe Badge Again

Add this to the end of your URL path where SumoMe is: /#/sumome/app/login

Hope this helps you to hide SumoMe Badge on your WordPress Blog.

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