Solved: Microsoft Word Not Responding

Today I got a personal mail from one of my readers. He asks “Microsoft Word Not Responding” while he uses the software. What do I want to do? Are there any solutions available?

You know Microsoft Word is one of the popular text editors that offers hundreds of handy features. The highlights why users love Microsoft Word is its ease of use and offline access.

When your Microsoft Word freezes frequently and throws a not responding error message when you work on the software, it’s really irritating if you are in a serious work.


According to Microsoft Official’s reports, Microsoft Word not responding error could come because of these problems.

  • When a drive is an inaccessible removable drive.
  • When a mapped drive is connected across a Wide Area Network (WAN).

How to fix Microsoft Word Not Responding Error?

So how to fix Microsoft Word Not Responding error on Windows?

1. Go to Start Menu and Click on Start.

2. Point to “All Programs”.

3. Point to “Microsoft Office”.

4. Press and hold the Ctrl key, and click on the Microsoft Office Word program.

Try this Too

1. Go to command prompt and then use the /safe option before launching Microsoft Word.

2. Disable all the add-ons.

3. Exit the program to stop User-Initiated Safe mode.

4. Start Microsoft Word again.

Hope this helps you to solve the Microsoft Word Not responding issue.

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