Why does Google Chrome Keep Crashing (Solved)

Why does Google Chrome Keep Crashing? Google Chrome is one of the world’s popular internet browser. Why we love Google Chrome? The answer is simple. It’s really easy to use, powerful, and great if you are a heavy Google services user.

I got a personal email from one of my readers. He asked me “Why does Google Chrome Keep Crashing?, can you help me to fix the issue?”

I searched on some forums, noticed that a lot of users are facing the same issue. So what you can do? How to fix the issue? Why does Google Chrome Keep Crashing? Let’s check this quick tutorial.

Update Google Chrome

Ensure that you are running the latest version of Google Chrome. To check this, go to Chrome Browser about page and ensure that you are running the latest version of Google Chrome browser.

Remove Unwanted Extensions

I know Google Chrome provides some awesome extension that can help you to be more productive. But using a lot of extensions could crash your browser often. So you should remove unwanted extensions from your browser.

Clear History and Cookies

If the problem still persists, you should clear your browser history and cookies. Go to Google Chrome History > click on clear browsing data and select the beginning of time and click on clear browsing data.

Check if your version of Google Chrome is fake

You might be surprised by this advice. Can someone provide me a fake version of Google Chrome? Yes, according to Google reports Fake Chrome browsers are often installed during fraudulent downloads that can contain a virus. You might be on a fake version of Chrome if your browser is crashing again and again.

To check you are running the genuine version of Google Chrome browser, Type the following into the address bar: chrome://version and press Enter.

If you see a version number of Chrome and Google Inc, you’re using the official version of Chrome.

Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome

Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome browser from your device. Install Chrome browser from Google’s official website. I’m sure this will solve your issue.

Hope these methods helps you to solve the Google Chrome crashing issue.

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