Best Journal Apps for Mac

Best Journal Apps for Mac – Today we are listing the best Journal apps for your Mac.

If you are a writer, I believe journaling on a regular basis is critical for you. Here comes the importance of Journaling Apps. Great Journal apps can help you to integrate photos, current location, and weather data as per your needs.

Here we go with the best Journal Apps for your Mac.

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1. Day One ($29.99)

Day One is the best Journal App for most people because it is super simple, powerful and gives the best features what you can expect from this type of niche apps.

You can add photos to your entries, and tag them with keywords and current location. “It’s hard to make the best even better, but the sequel to Day One lives up to expectations—and then some.” — App Store Editor’s Choice reports about Day One.

Some users claim that Day One is not syncing correctly, and they have lost their all data’s. Day One explicitly mentioned that iCloud and Dropbox syncing *are not* supported in Day One 2.0. If using iCloud or Dropbox syncing is essential to you, use Day One Classic.

2. Diary ($8.99)

Diary comes next into our list. Diary is a popular Journal app that perfectly designed lets you directly record videos and to take pictures with your iSight camera with a single click.

You can import or export data’s from Diary or to Diary app from other services. Diary is light weight compared to its competitors comes with just 6.4 MB in size.

3. Memoir ($7.99)

Memoir is another popular journal app offers a customizable, easy to use interface and features you would expect to find in an application costing much more.

4. Notefile ($4.99)

Notefile is not a perfect Journal app, but it is a notebook app that can work as a Journal. Notes you create with Notefile sync automatically with iCloud or their own Junecloud Sync.

With Notefile, you can make quick notes and sync them easily with all your devices. One of the highlights of using NoteFile is its error free and sync across all devices perfectly.

5. Evernote (Free to use)

Finally comes the world’s best note taking app. Yes, Evernote can be used as a Journal because it will work that way you imagine. With Evernote, you can create notes, create to-do lists, and save things you find online.

Evernote is best for most people because it has a free version and available on all major platforms I mean all platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, even on Blackberry.

These are our best Journal Apps for Mac. If we missed your favorite one, let us know through comments.

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