How Does Tinder Actually Work

This is for all the beginners who have no idea about what Tinder is or how it works? Tinder is a dating app that matches you with people based on your location and let’s communication between people with mutual interest.
There are several applications coming up similar to Tinder but Tinder is one of the applications which is being used by many people and has been extending its base to various countries.

At present, they have 10 million active users. So you have higher chances of meeting many people while using Tinder rather than any other app.

How to start using Tinder

Just download the application and log in using your Facebook profile. You can specify the age range, gender and the gender of people you are interested in meeting, how far you wish to meet someone.

This how Tinder algorithm works

When you initially sign up there are several matches come by which are random in nature. And most of the profiles that are shown are very attractive in nature. This is done at the beginning to give an impression that you may actually land up with a great date.

The profiles appear with a large photo and small description about them. You will have two icons at the bottom when their picture appears. The heart icon is if you like them and the cross option if you don’t. You can simply swipe the off-screen to dismiss if you don’t like it. Similarly, your profile will also appear for other people.

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If someone likes you also the message function will pop up to continue a conversation.
You can download the application for free on both android and IOS. To continue using you will need to have a Facebook profile. This required for matching you with people you have common interests with. Though you can restrict the photos that will be displayed by Tinder and none of your activities on Tinder will be shown on Facebook.

Do you need to look good to be on Tinder?

Not a necessity. There is going to be someone who will like you for who you are. Initially, people may like for your looks but the strength of a relationship depends on upon the character and how you carry yourselves.
These are some of the common things followed by the dating platforms to keep you interested in the process. So don’t get your hopes high and feel bad later.

After some time you will get matches based on your profile. So to get profile first your profile will be ranked and the ones with closer ranking will be suggested.  The matches are also based on your location. To know your location GPS on your mobile is used.

The ranking is based on the attractiveness of your profile. The number of people who swipe right, Facebook profile, frequency of conversations are these parameters. So you need to maintain all these at good levels to have an attractive profile.

The frequency of Usage

You cannot sign in and just forget and expect people to like or get interested in your profile. The messaging service in the Tinder will open up only when both the people involved show interest. If you want others to take an interest in you, then start using the application and get involved.

You should never judge a profile based on the attractiveness of the picture. Though it is human nature to do so, try to avoid it. There are various parameters like their profile description hobbies to judge how well you can get along with them. But at first, people try to decide with looks.

What if someone doesn’t like me?

It is no big deal on Tinder and nothing to feel bad about. Neither is anyone going to know about it.
People will get to know that you like them only if they like you too and then the messaging service begins.
And Tinder does not tell you that the feeling you have towards is not mutual. When a match hasn’t been made is natural to assume they are not interested. When you get matches and there are several people to chat with it is not necessary to reply everyone.


The world is not full of nice people so is Tinder platform. Mostly you will be contacted with people who are you show interest in. If they start sending creepy messages you can simply block them to avoid further disturbance.
The way you swipe

You right swipe to show your interest however swiping right on everyone is not advisable. Tinder tends to take you as a spamming robot and will be less interested in showing you other profiles.
Similarly, if you keep swiping left then the app thinks you are too choosy and will show the fewer profile as they don’t want to disappoint others. The application owners want to have a lot of meaningful matches to carry on their platform.

Heading to a new Location?

It is true that Tinder matches are based on your location. So what happens when you are new to a location?
So when you travel to a new place and open the application you tend to get a lot of matches. The app pushes your profile a little ahead and you will be flooded with options.

Does your Behavior matter?

Though it is not very certain on how the software weighs your behaviour and gets you matches, the creators accept that the matches are based on the character you hold while conversing with others.
Also when you say no to a person the software tries to understand why you are not interested? It takes into account the profile of the person their friends and interests and other parameters. The future matches are optimised accordingly.

Also when you converse with someone the depth of your conversation with some people is better than others, they ascertain the reason behind it. Their character or interest will be kept in history and future prospects follow it.
If you have multiple accounts from same device Tinder can find it out and it shows that you are just trying to get in touch with many people. This will also push down the ranks of your profile which are used from the same device.


The application is continuously updated for better user experience. Recently the age limit for the users has been raised to 18 years from the earlier 13. Now people can un-swipe the profiles they accidentally right swiped. There is also a new option called super like that means they show even more interest you. This created a lot of interest and excitement in the users. The number of super likes one can give is also restricted. Meaning only worthy profiles will get them. So use them wisely and feel happy if you receive one.

Also, the application has launched friend groups in Australia to have a friendly discussion and group dates.
There are more updates coming up to give a better user experience.


So to conclude Tinder is not just for hook-ups and sex chatting. The owners expect the platform to be a meaningful site which helps people to get into the meaningful relationship. Therefore you most certainly get back based on the way you are.

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