Cloud Companies with Free 50GB Cloud Storage

Cloud storage services are awesome. They help us to save our precious images, files and all important documents in one place and it can accessible from anywhere.

When choosing a cloud storage provider we check how much features they give and how much space they offer for free.

When we think about a cloud storage option, Google Drive, Dropbox, and comes into our mind. But Google Drive only offers 15GB free storage, offers 2GB, and Dropbox gives only 2GB for free. You can earn more space by referring your friends to Dropbox. You’ll get a 500 MB bonus when they install Dropbox on their computer, maximum 16GB.
Not everyone is interested in paying a monthly subscription fee for cloud storage. So they normally look for free space. Sometimes Google Drive or Dropbox couldn’t enough for them. For them, we are listing cloud companies with free 50GB Cloud Storage. Here we go.


Mega comes first into our list. Mega offers a clean 50GB of free cloud storage space for all its users. Mega offers end-to-end encryption for all customers, resolving privacy concerns.

  • 50GB Free Lifetime Storage
  • End-to-End Encryption
  • Secure global access
  • Secure collaboration


SFshare also gives 50GB of free storage for all its users. It is a limited time offer now. If you are interested in getting 50GB storage from SFshare, hurry up.

  • 50GB free storage
  • Centralized files
  • Unlimited Downloads & Uploads
  • Statistics & Tracking about your files downloads gives 5GB of free space up on signup but you can earn up t0 50GB easily with referrals. When someone clicks on your link and creates a new Sync account you’ll automatically get 1GB of free space.

Read my review here.

  • Send files to anyone – even if they don’t have a Sync account
  • Send large files fast
  • Allow anyone to securely send files to you
  • Create shared folders and invite clients or team members to collaborate
  • Admin panel with multi-user access control


Mediafire offers users 10 GB of space free upon sign up. If you post links on social media, download software and app, refer friends, you can earn up to 50GB for absolutely free.

  • Send files to anyone
  • Private and secure storage
  • Create shared folders

If we missed your favorite Cloud Service with Free 50GB Cloud Storage, let us know through comments.

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