How to Block Someone on Google Allo

Recently Google released a new messaging app called Allo. Google Allo can help you make plans, find information, and express yourself more easily in chat. Like WhatsApp, you can send messages, videos, images to your friends or to groups.

Like any other chatting apps, you may need to block someone who sends you unwanted messages or you no longer interested to chat with the person. So how to block someone on Google Allo. Let’s check this post.

Block Someone on Google Allo

1. Open Google Allo

2. Tap and Hold the name of the person you need to block.

3. Select Block.

That’s it. You have successfully blocked that person from Google Allo. From now, you won’t be able to chat with each other one to one. Also, you won’t be able to create group chats with that person. But you will still see their chats from groups that you are both in.

Hope this helps you to Block Someone on Google Allo.

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