Save Any Images Directly to Dropbox in 2 Clicks

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you may know that I have mentioned Dropbox in a lot of posts. Our popular Dropbox articles are Save your Gmail Attachments to Dropbox AutomaticallySave Your Instagram photos to Dropbox Automatically, etc.

You know Dropbox is a popular trusted cloud storage option for most of the people because of its ease of use and functionality. If you are looking for some secure Dropbox alternatives, this post could help you.

Today we are back with another post related to Dropbox, it helps you to Save Images Directly to Google Drive in 2 Clicks. Here we go.

First, you need to install Download to Dropbox Chrome extension on your browser.

That’s it. This extension will allow you to save any images you find online directly to your Dropbox account.

Just right click on the image you need to save and click on “Upload to Dropbox”. That’s it.
This extension will create folder default named “Downloads from Chrome”. You can find all those images you downloaded in that folder.

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