How to Export your Readability Bookmarks to Instapaper

One of the popular read it later service Readability will shut down on September 30. They announced on the website says that The Readability bookmarking service will be shutting down on September 30, 2016. You can export your bookmarked articles by visiting your Tools page. Thank you for your support in this amazing experiment.
After September 30, you won’t be able to access the articles you’ve saved on Readability. But now, you can Export your Readability Bookmarks to similar services, one of them is Instapaper.

Export your Readability Bookmarks to Pocket

1. Open the Readability export page and click “Export your data” at the bottom. It can take up to 48 hours to export your data.

2. You will  get an email with a link to a JSON file that includes your exported articles from Readability.

3. When you do get the email, download that file.

4. Go to your Instapaper User Page.

5. Scroll down and click “Import from Readability” then select the JSON file you downloaded.

This will import all your articles into Instapaper. For some reason, another popular read it later service Pocket doesn’t support Readability imports directly.

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