Google AdSense Policies in a Nutshell – Get Your Ad Approved

Applying on Google AdSense is not difficult and is just a matter of precisely following all the guidelines and rules. There are numerous other ways of making money off the blog, but Google AdSense makes the best sense as it is the platform where most advertisers are interested in paying. Applying to Google AdSense can be slightly tricky, and if you have a site that does not generate value, then there are more probabilities of your website being rejected by Google.
You can but follow below steps to increase your chances of getting approved by Google for a Google AdSense account.

Check for numbers of articles needed

Whether it is a sub domain or a custom domain, if you are not able to serve Google with quality content on your site or blog then there are chances of availing lots of rejection emails from Google. Google loves quality content, not only when it is about AdSense, but also of other factors too. So you need to deliver a precise number of quality articles. As recommended a minimum of 30 articles with original, unique and quality content is the way to begin. Considering the length of articles, then it would be wonderful if out of a list of 30 articles, at least 5 of them are pillar articles with a length of minimum 2000 words.

Relevancy of Website’s Niche is of utmost importance

The site’s niche that showcases what the site about needs to be considered and must be given relevance. Some of the site’s niches must not be touch until you are clear about it. It is a sensitive topic that needs to be well considered. There are a couple of niches that violates the policies of Google AdSense, such as child abuse, porn or promoting illegal activities. Sites with sensitive subjects are always monitored by Google as it takes care that all its advertisers are comfortable viewing the site. So be clear and confident while selecting a niche.

Analyze the Content Quality

When the quality of content needs to be analyzed, then there are 3 things to be considered – grammatical errors, the uniqueness of the content and languages recognized from AdSense. These three parameters are vital to maintaining the blog’s readability. AdSense does not allow all languages and permits content written in 37 languages.

Content uniqueness is essential for Google than anything else. You must, therefore, give priority to the originality of the content and try not to compromise on it under any circumstances. Google is very serious about it, and it monitors even those with approved Google AdSense account.

Running Affiliate programs and Ads Campaign

Since Google is a lot concerned about its viewers, so it ensures that the viewers do not get disturbed with regularly obstructing Ads. If there are Ads running on your content, then you need to make sure that:
• The ads do not pop up when you are applying for approval from Google, as it would get rejected in the very first session.
• No single page must showcase more than 3 ads.
• Try to make sure that the content is not disordered in a way that the viewer needs to scroll down to go through it.
Strive for Impressive User Interface

The user interface is one thing that Google always supervise. A site with an impressive interface and seamless navigation is always preferred. Besides appropriate navigation your site needs to be responsive, particularly if you want to get it approves on Google AdSense.

Incorporating Search Console and Google Analytic

Integrating such elements in the content or blog reflects that you are very much particular about blogging. Moreover, it also gives an advantage in SERP or Searches Engine Result Page. It will also aid you to track the crucial errors and problems with the websites. You may also verify the ownership of your website through recommended method and ensure that your account functions actively. The simplest way is to add an HTML snippet. Establishing a Google Analytic page and then formatting a Search Console page would be convenient options.

Ensure to include basic technical elements

Including few technical elements can offer great deals to your BlogSpot. XML sitemaps support Google bots to crawl well through all the posts and pages and index the website. Although, it is not a direct indication of accepting or rejecting your blog, but it definitely enhances the Google AdSense’s trustworthiness on the post. Another way to create an impression on Google AdSense is including Robot.txt file which is a protocol for the bots. It permits the site to crawl or to not crawl a website. Even it does not have a direct link between rejection and acceptance of content it creates an impression and also boosts SERP rankings.

Bring in Organic Traffic to the site

Following all above points precisely, you can obtain a hike in your site’s organic traffic. Once the website starts getting a good volume of organic search traffic, then you are all prepared to apply for Google AdSense. You can use social networking platforms like Facebook and Google Plus to promote your website and gain natural organic traffic. If you are not able to obtain adequate search traffic, then you need to focus more on pillar posts.

Include all important Pages

Another essential factor that Google checks without fail is the authenticity of the content. You need to ensure that your blog post is easily accessible. Including contact page and about us page is essential. If you include a contact page, then you need to confirm that you mention the same contact page in the provided ad sense application. Besides these two pages, the Privacy Policy also plays a vital role in letting your content approved. Writing Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions is simple as you can generate one with ease.

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