12 Reasons to Start Blogging

Have you ever wondered why people write a blog? Or still wondering, does blogging worth spending time? Why don’t people write books instead of writing a blog?

If such questions are still unanswered for you then, I will answer you to these questions, as well as tell you some more things about Blogging.

First of all, What is a Blog ?

The blog is a piece of information or discussion available on world wide web in the form of Posts or Articles. Generally, blogs are written by individuals.

But with the rise of huge information needs and easy access to the internet by the people through multiple devices, blogs are being written by multiple authors called MAB (Multi-Author Blogs).

The blog generally is a casual easily understandable information published over internet websites.

Why Should I Start Blogging?

Earlier, people blogged about anything to share the information and the experiences with the netizens. But now, blogging has become a profession for many.

People blog to earn money. And if you want to earn money by sharing your knowledge, experiences, and your piece of work, may it be your recipes, photos, and travel diary, then definitely blogging is a good option for you.

Blogging could give you financial freedom, and a sense of self-achievement when people start praising your material through comments. Apart from money, there are many other reasons to start blogging.

Over the period of my life, I developed various hobbies, like sketching, painting, photography, but none of them impacted my life as the blogging did. I do recommend blogging for you.

12 Reasons to Start Blogging

1. It will improve your thinking

With a topic to start blogging for, you would start thinking and researching about it. Often, you would indulge yourself in the way of creative thinking towards the topic.

This will groom up your thinking capabilities and also your perspective of thinking will improve.

2. You will meet new people

Once you start blogging, you will start receiving comments not just over the posts but also through social circles, who will share their thoughts about your blog.

This gives you chance to meet new people with same interests. And meeting new people in life is always a great thing to do.

3. It is free

Yes, blogging is free. You can start your blogging with $0 expense right away.

Various platforms are available over the internet which doesn’t charge anything and provides great support to start your own blog in a matter of few minutes. The top most such platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

4. It can help you make money

Do you really think people can’t earn through blogging? Then buddy you are from the different world. The Internet is full of blogs from professionals who make their earnings through blogging only.

Not just blogging giving earnings to the bloggers but also to the related people, like web designers, programmers, photographershosting providers etc.

It is very simple to start a blog but requires patience and skills to start a decent earning from your blog.

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5. It can give you celebrity status

Who don’t want to be a celebrity in his or her life? But it is not possible for everyone to become a Hollywood or sports celebrity.

Blogging gives an equal chance to everyone to become a celebrity. It is true that such status can’t be achieved over a night.

Blogging requires hard work, lots of patience and skills as well. Blogging skills are not achieved easily through any crash course or training session rather it comes with your dedication, research work, and experience.

6. Boost in confidence

Surely once you start a blog you will improve your knowledge, experience and this will boost inner confidence in you.

Reading and replying to the mails, comments will give you strength to face your own readers and audiences. This is a must skill which would develop eventually with your blog getting successful each day.

7. It will give you platform to influence others

Once you start blogging for your niche, you would surely find new and updated things about it. You would become a guide or a teacher for your blog visitors.

So, this way you would share your thoughts and influence others with your views. Surely you have to respect other’s views on your blog. This way you would gain respect among them.

8. Opportunity to build your own community

It is obvious that the visitors will reach to your blogs because of their interests. If they like your blog content they will communicate with you and other fellow members through comments, emails , or social media.

This way people with same interests as of your blog niche will come under same community.

Hence through your blog you are creating your own community. Blogging would be an easy medium to reach your community people and help you socializing with the people of similar interests.

9. Speak out your own reviews and feedback

Through blog you could write your own views, feedback about any product, place, service, organization etc. This way blogging will be your own platform to speak your own thoughts.

But remember, you have to choose your words judicially and responsibly. After all, you are blogging for your own interest, not to defame or criticize others.

10. Personality Improvement

Yes, blogging can improve your personality too. Your blog will receive various comments, you would welcome feedback by the visitors.

You would do more research about the niche you are working with. You will gain confidence about the niche with your experience.

You would develop and improve the way you communicate with others. After this, you would find it easy to communicate, and present yourself effectively.

11. Develop an opinion for meaningful things

We all love to give our opinion for one or other things. But how much are really considered? Through blog you could provide your meaningful opinion to others.

Your opinion matters for other. If they like it they will share your opinion, will provide their feedback.

12. Intellectual ability

With blogging you would certainly develop and improve the way you think, the way you create, the way you communicate, the way you influence, the way you earn. Innovation will lead to your intellectual ability improvement. Your though process will improve.

So, now I hope you have enough reasons to start blogging. Hope you like this post. Share your thoughts through your “Comments”. I would be happy to hear that. And don’t forget to thank me to inspire you for blogging.

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