How to Download Snapchat on iPad

I think you won’t need any more introductions to one of the popular messaging software that makes pictures and videos you receive expire once you have viewed or read them.

We already published some interesting posts related to Snapchat like How to Recover Snapchat photos from iPhone, How to view old Snapchat Photos and Videos, etc. Today I’m gonna show you How to Download Snapchat on iPad? Here we go.

How to Download Snapchat on iPad

Snapchat officially released an application for iOS users and used by iPhone users. Does Snapchat also available for iPad? Your device should require iOS 8.0 or later.

But still, iPad users are often difficult to download and use Snapchat on iPad. Here we go.

1. Open the Appstore from your iPad.

2. Search for Snapchat.

3. Change the preference, tap on the “iPad only” menu and change it to “iPhone only”.

4. Search again for Snapchat and you can find it now.

Tap install and enjoy Snapchat on your iPad now.

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