EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Review

Losing data is a real headache, isn’t it? For me it definitely is. And considering the various different kinds of viruses which have now found their way into our systems, the accidental deletion of files, OS Crashes and file corruption thing, I can only say protecting the data in itself if a challenge.

And the problem is most of the other tools in the market which “claim” to solve our problems don’t actually do! Not even the “paid” ones.

I’ve been with over 5 different data recovery tools by now and only one of them actually slightly worked, and that too I just got the previews of my files unable to recover them.

So that’s why,  when I stumbled upon this little data recovery angel, I just thought I’ve to get this EaseUS free data recovery software review done and published!

What is EaseUS?

EaseUS is a data recovery tool which comes both in a free as well as paid version. Now there are quite a number of reasons why I’m scribbling this review down, the simple one being: – This tool actually works!

Simplest Possible Recovery Steps:-

The best thing with EaseUS is that you don’t have to be a computer geek in order to recover your data. It’s as simple as three clicks!

Yeah, all you’ve got to do is- Launch > Scan > Recover!

Unlike the other tools out there who make it seem like the process is equivalent to launching a NASA rocket.

When Can you Recover your Data?

So you might be wondering about the kind of scenarios which are supported, right? I mean when can you recover your data?

Can you recover it when you’re attacked by a virus? Or can you recover it when you accidentally have deleted it?

Basically, you can recover data from any kind of “loss-scenario” with EaseUS.  Including:-

  • If you delete the files/folders by accident.
  • If you’ve formatted your hard-disk or USB stick.
  • If your hard drive is damaged.
  • If you were attacked by a virus!
  • If your Operating system crashed resulting in data loss!
  • If you had a loss of a partition which had important files and data on it.

So long story short, there probably isn’t a scenario when you can’t recover your data from the device. As long as you have the physical device with you, you can always recover the soft data on it. (In most cases!)

And that’s not all! Another problem we face with data recovery tools is that they don’t support our devices.

Meaning most data recovery tools are made specifically for recovering data either from a computer or a cell phone and that’s the extent of their efficiency. But not with EaseUS!

With EaseUS you recover data from almost any kind of device that there is and not just the traditional computers and laptops.

What Devices are Supported?

Well as I said, here are some of the devices that support. Keep in mind that these are just “some” of the supported devices and the list doesn’t end here.

  • Hard Disks
  • External Harddisk
  • USB Sticks
  • Memory Cards
  • Cameras
  • Mobile Phones
  • Music Players

Again the bottom line being, the list must have given you enough ideas so as to what kind of devices are supported right?

Other Features:-

Fast Recovery: – Just because it’s extremely simple doesn’t necessarily mean it would be a waste of time, in fact, it’s recovery speed was amazing.

It took around 30 seconds to give me the preview of over 80 of my lost files which I’d say is pretty impressive.

Final Verdict:-

So finally id you ask me for my final verdict, I don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t go with EaseUS! If you wouldn’t go with the paid version, don’t! I understand if you’re skeptical at this point.

But what have you got to loose in trying out Data Recovery Software Free right? It’s free anyway so just go over to the website and try it out!

Do not forget to let me know of your experience with the tool and of course you can use the comment box if there are any problems or issues you’re facing with the tool.

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