6 Top Social Media Marketing Tools that Every Marketer Needs

Opposed to what most people believe, social media marketing is a hands-on and full-time job that requires the ability to switch between platforms, tasks, and modes with ease. Social media marketers not only need to monitor their brands on social, but also create and curate content for each of their brand’s social media platforms and align their efforts with the brand’s general marketing strategy.

Being efficient while managing so many tasks can be hard, and that is where tools that can simplify the processes come in. This is a list of 7 social media marketing tools that every marketer needs.

1. Commun.it


Relationships are key in today’s social media marketing scenario. Building them can be tough, with limited time and resources on hand. How do you identify the right people to network and initiate relationships with? How do you earmark enough time for the relationship to develop despite your busy schedule?

Commun.it is a great community building tool that helps you track and nurture important relationships with fans, prospect consumers and influencers. You can use the tool to monitor the activity of your most important followers, so you can identify important conversations and be a part of them. The tool also helps you determine whom to follow and when you need to interact with or respond to people. Finally, the tool also gives you an idea of your content reach and engagement.

2. DrumUp

The content game has gone beyond general posting and response, and you can’t produce enough content to meet your marketing needs on multiple platforms. Even if you did, your audience might get turned off by a social media page that only has posts created by you and appears overtly promotional.

DrumUp is a social media management dashboard that supports Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. It intelligently curates content based on your keyword preferences and lets you select from a fresh choice of top posts in your industry on a daily basis. You can use the app to schedule content weeks or even months in advance, leaving you a lot of time to focus on personal interaction and creating brilliant content. Plus, the app also stocks GIFs and emojis that you can use to up your engagement.

3. Brand24

Several opportunities arise when you monitor your community on social media. Plus, with all the noise on social networks these days, it has become very hard to separate important conversations from the rest.

Brand24 is a social media monitoring tool that lets you set up alerts for important keywords, people and social media accounts. You can use this feature to monitor your community, competitors, prospective clients or influencers. It also helps you sort comments so you know which ones to respond to first. The tool identifies negative, positive and neutral comments and notifies you of them accordingly.

4. Venngage


There has been increased interest in visual marketing of late, because visually represented information seems to have more of an impact on social media than other forms of content. In fact, infographics are shared almost 3X more than any other type of content on social media.

Venngage is an infographic design tool that lets you build infographics from scratch or using a host of pre-designed templates. You can use the icons and graphs stored on the app to custom build your infographic. You can represent your data in any graphical format easily, as line graphs, bar charts, pie charts or even bubble charts allowing you to create infographics that look great. Finally, you can track your infographics using the apps social media analytics module.

5. ViralContentBee


Many businesses struggle with low visibility and engagement on social media. With more businesses and people signing up each day, social media feeds are becoming increasingly busy and cluttered. Social networks are also reducing the organic reach of brand content so their users receive more social content from friends and family.

ViralContentBee is a social media sharing platform that helps you get your content shared in exchange for you sharing someone else’s content. The platform awards you points for sharing content and your points are eaten up when someone shares your content. This is a simple and effective way of getting your content shared, without the hassle of contacting people to share it via email or on social media.

6. Cyfe

Many businesses make the mistake of not measuring their social media marketing results. If you have no insight into how your community is receiving your content and reacting to it, there is no way for you to assess or refine your strategy.

Cyfe is a social media analytics tool that lets you monitor your progress on your social media channels. It lets you look at pages that you don’t have admin access to as well, functioning as a great benchmarking tool for businesses. You can customize your dashboard on the tool to display one of many metrics, like Facebook insights, Twitter analytics, Youtube analytics and even Google analytics.

Author Bio: Disha Dinesh is a Content Writer at Godot Media, a leading content agency. Her interests include social media and content marketing. When she’s not writing, she’s on the hunt for social media trends and inspiration.

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