6 Best Chrome Extensions for Heavy Dropbox Users

You know Dropbox is a powerful online collaboration tool that mainly used to save images, videos, files, documents for the lifetime. I’m a heavy Dropbox user and I use some Chrome extensions to organize by Dropbox.

Today on SocialPositives.com, we are listing some of the best chrome extensions for heavy Dropbox users. These extensions could help you to get the maximum benefit from the Dropbox. Here we go.

1. Download to Dropbox

Download to Dropbox is one of my favorites Dropbox Chrome extension that helps me download and save images directly to my Dropbox account.

After downloading the extension, just right-click on any image and select “Upload to Dropbox”. That’s it. You have successfully downloaded that image to your Dropbox.

2. Dropbox for Gmail

Dropbox for Gmail is a must have extension for heavy Gmail users. This extension allows you to seamlessly share large files and save space inside your growing inbox. It becomes really easy to send Dropbox shared links in Email.

3. EasyDrop

EasyDrop is a popular chrome extension that helps you to access your Dropbox account from the browser extension. This extension helps you to Download your files in Dropbox and see your recent changes on your Dropbox account right from a single click.

4. Save Emails to Dropbox

Save Emails to Dropbox lets you save Gmail emails to Dropbox with one click. The emails, along with any of their attachments, will automatically be saved in Dropbox. This will help you save a copy of your important emails to your Dropbox. The Emails will be saved as PDF files.

5. SignEasy for Gmail and Dropbox

The SignEasy Chrome extension for Gmail and Dropbox lets you open, fill, and sign documents in Gmail and Dropbox. All this while staying right in the Gmail or Dropbox and you won’t need to leave your browser to sign your documents.

6. Sync Google Drive with Dropbox

This Chrome extension helps you to sync, backup and integrate anything from your Dropbox, Salesforce, SharePoint, Google Gmail, Evernote, Box, OneDrive, Egnyte, or Basecamp account with Google Drive.

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